Here is an easy dress pattern I downloaded a few months ago… It’s the Popover Sundress by Oliver + S and it is super cute!  The first one I made was for Ellery to wear on her 2nd birthday.  The fabric is by Jessica Levitt- It’s from the Timber collection, in the color mist…. I love it!  It’s so simple and comfy and could definately go over a long sleeve shirt and leggings if the weather is not so sunny.  Once you make one, you’ll want to make more, as you’ll see I did below…

number two…

number three…

This last one was made from my old clothes… a western Gap denim dress- I just cut the front pattern piece right out of the front of my old dress- buttons and all.  The yoke is from a funky corduroy shirt/dress that I never had the guts to wear in public.  I suppose you could make a very cute version of this from a men’s buttondown shirt? 

Make one!


3 thoughts on “Popovers

  1. I love all three! You have a great eye for fabrics. All of these look like something you would buy at a kids boutique. My best friend’s little girl turns one in a couple of weeks, so I think I ‘m going to have to make one of these. So cute!
    Thanks for the comment on my pants. You should definitely try that pattern (vogue 8604). I highly recommend it. I know that pants sound complicated, but this was one of the easiest patterns I’ve sewn yet.

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