For the boy…

I just started sewing this year, and of course I immediately wanted to learn how to make clothes for my daughter.  My mother helped me set up my machine and gave me a 1 1/2 hour lesson: threading the bobbin, sewing a straight line, etc…  I thought that I could basically teach myself to sew if I went ahead and bought a pattern or two and just delved into them.  So, I bought a couple of cheap ones at Joann’s, and eventually learned (with many phone calls to my mother) about clipping corners, what ‘with nap’ meant, selvedges (why do i still not quite understand this?), the importance of pressing, bias tape (!!!), buttonholes, and on and on….  I am a sucker for a good free- and easy pattern that I can download online (hello popover dress- see below) and I just recently bought about 10 Simplicity patterns when they were on sale for $1.99.  I love sewing for my girl.  But, want to love to sew for my boy too!!!  Do you know how many patterns are out there for little boys?  Not many!  I did find this one and figured I should take a go at it.  I bought some great fabrics online here and got started….

My first attempt at overalls for 4 month-old Grant came out pretty good if I do say so myself.  I made the 12-month size, so that I coule then cut the pattern down again to a smaller size.  I used this pea green corduroy and bright orange thread- thought the contrast would be cute.  Modeled by the dimple-queen and sweetest niece ever, 10-month old Avery:

(I know.  Her cuteness kills me too.) 

For my next pair, I wanted something that would fit Grant this winter- something with a heavier weight.  So, I made the 6-month size and instead of just having a bodice lining like the pattern instructs, I lined the legs as well, using a dark powdery blue flannel.  The owl print has got a different, almost sturdier feel to it than regular cotton… it’s cotton duck- not sure what that means exactly, but I think it’s probably used for drapes, slip covers, etc.  Hope the boy thinks they’re cozy anyway!  I used grey buttons that came with some of my husbands Eddie Bauer shorts- they are actually not the same size- really by a hair though… so hopefully you can’t tell!  Oh, and since my model wasn’t available this morning, and my baby is a bit small for these yet, a photo of them on a hanger will have to do….

Oh wait!  He’s up…. let’s try this again….

Much better.


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