Out with the old, in with the old?

We always seem to return from our visits to California with one more suitcase than we left with.  I finally got smart and packed a big duffel bag within one of our suitcases this last time, so that I wouldn’t have to steal yet another from my in-laws on our way outta town.  Coming home with so much stuff  makes me want to purge our closets immediately.  So, while I unpacked, I filled a donation bag with articles of clothing that I was looking forward to never seeing again…and then Erin came over.  She pulled each item out of  the bag and insisted that nearly each one could be turned into something adorable for the kids. 

And that is how in one evening this:

became this…

And this:

became this…

And this shirt that never seemed to go with anything:

became this…

 (Good luck trying to find something to match your new skirt Ellery!)

For the skirts I basically just cut off the top half of the shirt and used the bottom half keeping original hemlines.  Fold over the rough edge twice, sew around, and insert elastic! 

The blue dress with straps was a total cut and paste job.  The back of the original blouse became the front, the smocking was already there, and so were the detachable straps (although I moved the securing buttons closer together).  It works because the print is so busy that you can’t see the wacky seam I created in the back.  Have a look:

I had so much fun turning clothing that I was SO over into darling wears for the girls, that I am now finding myself poking around my husband’s clothes with a discerning glare.  Once you realize that unwanted clothing can become FREE FABRIC (or buttons, or embellishments) you too will find yourself rummaging through your closets or thrift stores with a whole new purpose!

– Caroline

2 thoughts on “Out with the old, in with the old?

  1. I love this. I have done this before with my own child but It was with other kids clothes I now need to look at what I have that could become something fabulous. Thanks for the idea.

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