tweet dreams

 Grant’s crib was really in need for a mobile for a while now.  I finally got my inspiration after receiving this book from Caroline.  In it, Anna Maria Horner makes a really sweet bird mobile out of a large white lampshade.  I liked the idea, but thought the lampshade was a little clunky for my kids’ small room, so I used a 12″ embroidery hoop that I had on hand instead…. I followed her directions for making the hanging birds, using all different fabrics that looked cool together…

I used an invisible marker to draw the bird’s silhouette on the fabric square, and then used embroidery floss to outline the body with a straight stich.  I then stuffed the birds with poly-fil and cut them out. 

I used contrasting fabric for the wings and sewed them onto the birds with more floss. 

Once I had some birds made, I made some random felt circles and leaves, and with a button here and there, I hung them with gold thread. 

What a sweet little flock:

I thought about spray painting the hoop white, but once I had finished hanging everything, I decided it looked nice and natural the way it was…. what do you think?

I must say… it does hold his attention a whole lot longer than the boring old ceiling. 

I hope he likes his new view!


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