Momma’s got a brand new bag…

Ever since last week’s creation, I’ve been on a bag kick.  Now that I get the gist of basic bag making, I wanted to try something different.  A few pleats, several buttons, lots of topstitching, a pocket, and a heap of scraps later, this was born:

I liked the adjustable strap idea from the Awesome Bag, but I didn’t want to get button-crazy with this one…. SO, I sewed one side of the strap to the bag, and made three buttonholes on the other side of the strap.  I recycled some sweet buttons from a sweater (which sadly, I only got a few wears out of before it started unravelling into oblivion! …I’m so annoyed with you, J.Crew!).

The flower fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s square dance voile.  It makes a perfect pocket.

The green print is Amy Butler, and the solid blue is cotton twill.  Instead of interfacing to give the bag some structure and heft, I used some old fleece I had lying around- the bag has a nice weight to it without feeling stiff.  The main lining is made of  muslin.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t put a pocket on the inside too to hold all my small junk like lip gloss, keys, loose change, and loose crumbs… oh well, next time.  For now though, I love that this bag is pretty, bright, and soft.  I especially love that it looks so nice with my new (and more importantly cheap) yellow Target shoes.



I made this bag using a super easy tutorial by Meg of Elsie Marley.  It’s called “the awesome bag”, and for good reason.  It’s reversible, and the strap is adjustable… It uses 2 different fabrics- using only a 1/2 yard of each, which is…. dare i say it- awesome.  There are 5 buttons going up each side of the bag, so you can adjust the strap length to your liking.  Make it long, and it’s like a messenger bag- or keep it short, and it’s more like a handbag.

It is completely reversible- the strap as well…. (that means there are… 20 buttons in all- 10 on the outside, 10 on the inside.  yowza.)  So, you can change it up based on your outfit or your mood.  The inside fabric on mine is a khaki linen, and the outside is some Japanese fabric that I’ve been wondering what to do with for a long time…. it’s by Echino.  I think this was the perfect project for it.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep this one for myself, or give it away… I have it in mind for a friend who happens to be…. you guessed it- awesome.


easter dress?

A while back, I bought a bunch of clearance fabric from… it was one of those sales they had where the already marked down fabrics were an additional 30% off.  I fell in love with this print– it has some odd-looking (in a cute way) bunnies and gnarly carrots all over it.  The bunnies have some ca-razy looking eyes… (i don’t know, maybe they’ve been eating too much grass?)  Anyway, I bought this print in 3 different colors and I think I paid around $2/yard.  cha-ching!  Jay McCarroll (1st winner of Project Runway- love that show!) designed it for Free Spirit, and he’s got a ton of other cool stuff to check out: like these psychadelic deer, some kooky robot birds, and this pink blob something-or-other.  I dig it all!

After trying out the easy smocking technique on G’s old pillowcase last month, I thought I’d try it again on some new fabric.  These bunnies were calling my name.  No, really!  They were!  Eeeeeeeekkk!

I even got to try out my new (free!) bias tape maker for making the straps. 

LOVE it.

Once I got into this project I knew it would be too small for Ellery, but luckily I have a super cute and petite niece who I’m sure can rock it just fine. 

I can’t wait to see little Avery (or “Tiny” as she prefers these days) running through the yard on Easter morning… finding candy-filled plastic eggs, the soundtrack from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas playing in the background (it’s a family tradition….weird, right?) in this stoner-bunny dress.  She’s gonna look awesome.  And she’ll probably find the egg with the cash in it.