easter dress?

A while back, I bought a bunch of clearance fabric from Fabric.com… it was one of those sales they had where the already marked down fabrics were an additional 30% off.  I fell in love with this print– it has some odd-looking (in a cute way) bunnies and gnarly carrots all over it.  The bunnies have some ca-razy looking eyes… (i don’t know, maybe they’ve been eating too much grass?)  Anyway, I bought this print in 3 different colors and I think I paid around $2/yard.  cha-ching!  Jay McCarroll (1st winner of Project Runway- love that show!) designed it for Free Spirit, and he’s got a ton of other cool stuff to check out: like these psychadelic deer, some kooky robot birds, and this pink blob something-or-other.  I dig it all!

After trying out the easy smocking technique on G’s old pillowcase last month, I thought I’d try it again on some new fabric.  These bunnies were calling my name.  No, really!  They were!  Eeeeeeeekkk!

I even got to try out my new (free!) bias tape maker for making the straps. 

LOVE it.

Once I got into this project I knew it would be too small for Ellery, but luckily I have a super cute and petite niece who I’m sure can rock it just fine. 

I can’t wait to see little Avery (or “Tiny” as she prefers these days) running through the yard on Easter morning… finding candy-filled plastic eggs, the soundtrack from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas playing in the background (it’s a family tradition….weird, right?) in this stoner-bunny dress.  She’s gonna look awesome.  And she’ll probably find the egg with the cash in it.


8 thoughts on “easter dress?

  1. wow! it looks fantastic! i’ve been sewing for only a year now. for the top part, is it a special machine or are you able to do that with a normal home sewing machine?

    1. no special machine required… i watched a video from martha stewart (with heather ross) that really laid it all our there and showed how easy it was. you just need some elastic thread in the bobbin! (and i’ve only been sewing just over a year- so it’s not too hard!)

  2. This is super super cute! I love shirred dresses, and I am crazy jealous of your bias tape maker!!! I love to use bias tape when I make dresses, but I have been too tight to spend the $60 on it but I think I will have to use my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and buy me one…you convinced me…so when my hubby makes a face at me for bringing home yet another crafting tool, I’m totally gonna blame it one you! lol!!! Featurin;)g you this Saturday! come by and grab a button! And link up your latest cute projects of course.. ♥

  3. I love this dress…and I love smocked dresses – although I’m totally freaked out about them. I’ll have to look for the video you mentioned in the comment above and see if I can brave it.

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