This little girl of mine…

Well, my first-born turned 3 last week.  Where did the time go?  It’s hard to find any baby left in her- but it’s there when she wakes up in the middle of the night, when she clings to my leg in public, and when she steals her brother’s milk bottle and hides in her room to drink the rest…  These days you can  usually find her playing outside in her favorite new dress-up outfit (a $7 thrifted fairy costume- score!).  She reminds me often that her name is not Ellery, but “Tinkerbell”.  Duh!

I made her a couple of birthday skirts while she and Grant took a monster nap last week.  Using my new serger cut the time significantly- I’m so glad I caved and got one!  It’s a great machine for the money (I don’t feel like I broke the bank), and since I mostly sew clothing- I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

I’m really digging this Amy Butler fabric.

This one was made with some clearance fabric from Jo-ann.  It’s a good weight blue cotton.  I made both of these skirts a tad longer than I would normally, with the hope that she can rock them next year too.

I used some Anna Maria again.  Like I said, it makes a perfect pocket!

My girl is almost all-good for spring and summer on the skirt front.  They are so quick to make, and easy for her to pull on or off.  And she really needs that for all her outfit changes these days….

Or, should I say Tinkerbell?


6 thoughts on “This little girl of mine…

  1. He Erin-I am so impressed! You are very creative. Maybe Erika and I will attempt something this summer. I used to sew quite a bit in my youth. Not sure if my projects will be ready for publishing!

    1. Thanks Peggy! You definately need to teach Erkie how to sew… she’s got a little craftiness in her somewhere! haha… hope to see you all this Summer 🙂

  2. Hey there! You two girls have been blogging on the down-low or I have been seriously negligent in the paying attention department!! Love it all. Beautiful clothes, crafting, pictures, and I can SO hear your voices when you write. Cracks me up. Thanks for sharing!!

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