Dyeing For Fun

On a recent crafty evening, too lazy to take out my sewing machine, I stumbled upon these:

I think I purchased these for Erin’s baby-shower (3+ years ago) thinking we would tie-dye onesies at the party.  It didn’t happen.   The colors are bright, and not really ones that I would choose for serious dyeing, so I decided to just play around with them.  I had a few sacrifical  pieces of clothing that were either stained or ill fitting…


and I went to work, loosely following Dana’s tutorial.

I mixed up one batch of fushia, one teal/fushia combo, and one kelly green/teal/yellow mixture.  The results were, um, interesting.

 Holy fushia!  I re-dyed in yellow, hoping that the color would turn more peachy-

Not good, not good.   Next?

Green enough for ya?  

And now for the big finale…


Okay, I can work with these.  

After a second wash, the indigo-purple calmed down a bit.  Banana stain be gone!

And my knit v-neck, was still uncomfortable and strange, even in purple.  I turned it into this in about 30 minutes. 

You see how the bottom of the shirt became a folded over waistband?  And the raw edge on the bottom was spruced up with some pretty satin bias tape that I had on hand.  Luckily my little Avery loves purple!

Overall this experimental project was successful.  I learned a bit about the process of dyeing fabric, and would do it again.  Though next time I would start with colors that I was psyched about, and avoid mixing them up on my own.  Thanks for viewing!


9 thoughts on “Dyeing For Fun

  1. I love your craftiness! Those Rit packets remind me of leotard dying for ballet class back in the day. I too recently broke out the dye and tried to make some of the girly clothes look a bit more gender neutral. Some of it worked out OK and some of it was horrible! Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. Mona, so funny about the leotards! My mom used some black RIT recently to darken her yoga pants, I think I might try that too. Yeah, I pretty much learned that results are risky, so don’t compromise your good stuff. Thanks for commenting, you’re the best!

  2. glad you tried it first! how do you get it so it’s not kinda splotchy though? Do you just have to wash it a few times before it mellows itself out? Love the cardigan and skirt!

    1. Yes, I think a second wash is key for really seeing the final product. Also, I was lazy about turning the fabrics every so often, gotta be more vigilant. Be very careful about what you wash with your dyed fabrics. Turned a bunch of kitchen towels lavender!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try RIT and too chicken but this is just the inspiration needed. Those colours are amazing, so intense and such a cool way to give old things new life.

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