Halloweens Past

I didn’t make the kids’ halloween costumes this year… I think it was something I wanted to do, but sometimes you have to just give things up and not feel bad about it!  Ellery wanted very much to be Cinderella.  I bought her a dress a month ago when I saw it was on sale nearby, and she’s worn it day and night ever since.  Sometimes sleeping in it, sometimes sleeping next to it… sometimes sleeping next to the shoes… you catch my drift.  So while part of me feels guilty that she’ll be rockin’ a dress that’s slightly torn at the bottom/some holes/stains, etc. here and there, the other part of me is just glad that she’s so in love with it and doesn’t notice!

Here are our Halloween photos from the past few years.  Starting with Ellery when she was 6 months old… A furry little angel:

The next year, my Mom made Ellery and my nephew, Jet’s costumes.  Both of their dads are chefs, so it was kind of a no brainer!

Here’s Ellery with “the boys”…she had no problem acting like the boss!

Seriously…. I MEAN….

Last years costumes were based on one of Ellery’s fave books…. Can you guess?

Her little bro was the sweetest, cuddliest big bad wolf…

We’ll be recycling the chef outfit for Grant this year.  I haven’t gotten them together for a photo-op yet, but hopefully they’ll pose for me later…. if I give them candy of course. 

Have a fun Halloween, and remember- Raisinets are NOT candy! I don’t care what your Mom says!!!!


Haunted Chocolate


Don’t be frightened…

This guy is just looking for a home.  In your TUMMY!

So are these guys.

Don’t worry… they’re nice ghosts.  Made of white chocolate….

See? Not so scary after all….

 Sure to make any kid- even one with the scariest cough (a.k.a croup) a happy little goblin.




Pants for the boy (kcwc day 5)

I couldn’t end my week of sewing without making something for my boy, Grant.  Nothing, too exciting here- except for the fact that he’s actually getting some homemade clothing love, which is rare in these parts!

I used a the “quick-change trousers” pattern from Handmade Beginnings.  It took a long time to cut the pattern pieces and all the fabric since these pants are reversible.  I had to scrounge for some boyish fabric… I had a lot of this charcoal blue corduroy, and some random clearance fabric.

They definitely fit well, a tad big, but if he can do his normal thing like climbing on tables and chairs- I’m happy.

I’m glad I took part in KCWC this time around… I did my fair share of sewing, but I am definitely out of steam.

Looking forward to several days of beautiful weather while my sewing machine takes a nice long nap.

Thanks for stopping by!


**one more thing… here’s Ellery actually wearing her new sweater.  She kept it on for most of the day at preschool… success!

UPcycled: dad’s sweater into girl’s cardigan (kcwc day 2)

This was a project that I didn’t really know where would end up. I wanted to upgrade one of Dean’s old sweaters into something for Ellery…

I used one of her T-shirts as a pattern and cut the sweater to about the same dimensions… I used the existing sleeves, but took them in a lot and kept the bottom cuff so i didn’t have to worry about hemming… I used the bottom of his sweater (the ribbed part) for the neckline.  Then, I kind of just winged it- cut some strips and left the raw edges and attached them to the edges of the cardigan so I didn’t have to do any sort of hemming….

I intended for the placket on the sweater to be off-center, but you can’t tell very well in that picture.  The felt circle flower is removable- I had it lying around and it was the perfect thing to cover up the akward area where the two sides of the front of the cardigan meet.

This cardigan took about an hour and a lot of swearing.

And the kid that it was meant for didn’t want to try it on.



I’ll bribe her with some chocolate chips tomorrow and try again.

Check ya!


Corduroy and Knit Top

Here’s my first project for KCWC… A top for my girl.

 It’s like, 80 degrees here in central VA, so I know she’ll get some use out of it for a couple of more weeks before having to wear long sleeves underneath it.

I used an old Urban Outfitters dress of mine to make the yoke and the ruffled capped sleeves… and used the buttons from that dress on the front and the back.  I then used an dark teal blue jersey for the rest. Lace hem tape to add a little somethin’ to the front, and then instead of bothering to hem the bottom, I just sewed it to the raw edge!

It’s such a gorgeous day today.  Off to the park…


Kids Clothes Week Challenge fall 2011

Tomorrow begins the start of Kids Clothes Week Challenge a.k.a KCWC over at one of my fave sewing/crafting blogs, Elsie Marley.  Basically, Meg is challenging sewists out there to sew for one hour a day for 7 days to create clothes for their kids.  Then you post your creations to the flickr group- and you can take a look at what everyone else has been up to and get some inspiration.  Meg hosts it twice a year, and I’m excited to hold myself to it this time around!  It’s a good way to get your butt in gear and finish up some projects that have been bunched up on the floor, or ideas that have been looming around your head.  My preschooler needs shirts, so I’ve been getting some fabric cut and ready to go so all I have to do this week is put it all together.  I’m really trying to re-purpose clothing that we have already, so I’ll let you know how that works out for me- one idea I have is turning one of my husband’s sweaters into a little cardigan for Ellery… I hope I can figure it out.  Anyway, if you have kids and you sew, think about taking part in KCWC this week!

One another note, I have made a few dresses for E using one pattern and playing around with it.  Actually, the shirt I have in the works for KCWC is also a version of it… Here’s the first one I did.  I used jersey knit (and cotton for the yoke) and to my surprise it wasn’t hard to sew at all.  All I did was use a stretch needle…

She loves it (but really, what’s not to love… it’s a striking shade of magenta!).

For the second one, I used a soft blue cotton.  I changed the neckline too…

The third one might be my favorite- I love the apple print and the red knit.

I made simple long sleeves and added a little notch in the neckline….

I’ll post my KCWC progress over the next week.  Hope to see some of you there too!

Catch ya on the flipside…