Corduroy and Knit Top

Here’s my first project for KCWC… A top for my girl.

 It’s like, 80 degrees here in central VA, so I know she’ll get some use out of it for a couple of more weeks before having to wear long sleeves underneath it.

I used an old Urban Outfitters dress of mine to make the yoke and the ruffled capped sleeves… and used the buttons from that dress on the front and the back.  I then used an dark teal blue jersey for the rest. Lace hem tape to add a little somethin’ to the front, and then instead of bothering to hem the bottom, I just sewed it to the raw edge!

It’s such a gorgeous day today.  Off to the park…


11 thoughts on “Corduroy and Knit Top

    1. Thanks Monica! Yeah, I did use a pattern (Simplicity 3511) but I changed the neckline and also played around with the sleeves. It’s the same pattern I used for the dresses in the last post.

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