UPcycled: dad’s sweater into girl’s cardigan (kcwc day 2)

This was a project that I didn’t really know where would end up. I wanted to upgrade one of Dean’s old sweaters into something for Ellery…

I used one of her T-shirts as a pattern and cut the sweater to about the same dimensions… I used the existing sleeves, but took them in a lot and kept the bottom cuff so i didn’t have to worry about hemming… I used the bottom of his sweater (the ribbed part) for the neckline.  Then, I kind of just winged it- cut some strips and left the raw edges and attached them to the edges of the cardigan so I didn’t have to do any sort of hemming….

I intended for the placket on the sweater to be off-center, but you can’t tell very well in that picture.  The felt circle flower is removable- I had it lying around and it was the perfect thing to cover up the akward area where the two sides of the front of the cardigan meet.

This cardigan took about an hour and a lot of swearing.

And the kid that it was meant for didn’t want to try it on.



I’ll bribe her with some chocolate chips tomorrow and try again.

Check ya!


12 thoughts on “UPcycled: dad’s sweater into girl’s cardigan (kcwc day 2)

  1. Loving it!!! The felt flower just is adorable. Are those functional snaps on the front? Can’t wait to see it on your cutie!

  2. the sweater looks fantastic! I’ve been wanting to do the same sort of thing for a while but I’m worried about the swearing that will ensue.

  3. Love this. It only took an hour? That’s one good sewing brain you have there. I’m rubbish at figuring out how to do this sort of thing. I would probably spend an hour staring at the jumper willing it to then into a cardigan, then put it away for another day!

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