Halloweens Past

I didn’t make the kids’ halloween costumes this year… I think it was something I wanted to do, but sometimes you have to just give things up and not feel bad about it!  Ellery wanted very much to be Cinderella.  I bought her a dress a month ago when I saw it was on sale nearby, and she’s worn it day and night ever since.  Sometimes sleeping in it, sometimes sleeping next to it… sometimes sleeping next to the shoes… you catch my drift.  So while part of me feels guilty that she’ll be rockin’ a dress that’s slightly torn at the bottom/some holes/stains, etc. here and there, the other part of me is just glad that she’s so in love with it and doesn’t notice!

Here are our Halloween photos from the past few years.  Starting with Ellery when she was 6 months old… A furry little angel:

The next year, my Mom made Ellery and my nephew, Jet’s costumes.  Both of their dads are chefs, so it was kind of a no brainer!

Here’s Ellery with “the boys”…she had no problem acting like the boss!

Seriously…. I MEAN….

Last years costumes were based on one of Ellery’s fave books…. Can you guess?

Her little bro was the sweetest, cuddliest big bad wolf…

We’ll be recycling the chef outfit for Grant this year.  I haven’t gotten them together for a photo-op yet, but hopefully they’ll pose for me later…. if I give them candy of course. 

Have a fun Halloween, and remember- Raisinets are NOT candy! I don’t care what your Mom says!!!!


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