I’m so glad that I had enough time this weekend to make the Pierrot Tunic for Ellery.  It’s a beautiful pattern from Made by Rae.  If you sew anything for kids (or bags for that matter), you need to visit her blog.  now!  I owe a lot to blogs like Rae’s… besides a 2 hour lesson from (and numerous phone calls to) my Mom, I’ve learned to sew by using online tutorials and watching videos on youtube… it’s a pretty amazing thing, the internet, wouldn’t ya say?

Onto the shirt… I used ivory shirting with little orange circles that are woven into the fabric- they give the tiniest bit of texture and fuzziness.  I paid a little over $2/yd when it was on clearance a couple of weeks ago at fabric.com, and I had an extra 30% off code.  People (mostly my Mom) always diss Fabric.com, but I’m telling you- if you can ignore your wants for designer fabric, you can find some really great stuff if you are willing to put up with their ginormous website for a while.  I ended up with 9 yards of 4 different fabrics for $22 (free shipping.  ch-ching!). This fabric is lightweight and just really sweet I think.  Because of the little graph-paper like grid of lines, it was super easy to cut on the bias- which I did here for a little extra swingy-ness (you don’t have to).

I didn’t have a single issue sewing this- the pattern is lovely, with clear instructions and pictures for each step.

I love it. 

Ellery loves it. 

Especially when there’s a little Halloween candy to go along with it.

I made the 4T size and it fits her average 3 1/2 yr old frame pretty perfectly.

I will definitely be making some more of these soon.  I aboslutely love this version without the ruffle, this one (from the same awesome blog Skirt As Top), and this one

All so adorable.  I almost can’t take it.


9 thoughts on “Pierrot!

  1. awww it’s awesome! i’m so glad you got the pattern, and i love that fabric. your daughter is super cute in it. mine really likes to wear her pierrots, so i hope yours gets lots of use, too! 🙂

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