Alissa’s baby shower


Last month, my dear friend Bridget and I threw a baby shower for our mutual dear friend, Alissa.  We lucked out with a beautiful and very warm October day.  And, we had the most delightful setting- The Gardners’ garden!  I’ve got to give Alissa’s husband, Adam, props for lending his landscaping talents to his sweet in-laws not long ago (a very reciprocal relationship they have).  These are some photos from the party.


Did I mention that Baby Ganser will be a boy?  Hence, the hues of browns and blues.  We made our predictions for the baby’s name and birthweight.  Though Alissa is quite the petite pregnant woman, her neice, Julia, has her popping out a 10 pounder!  Let’s hope not!

The main event was the “onesie decorating station”.  We purchased onesies in various sizes and hung them with clothespins on twine.  Guests were invited to embellish them with fabric paint, fabric markers, and stamps.  My decision to iron on (and zig zag stitch) patches of muslin was very worth the little bit of time it took to do it.  How awesome are these?

So true, that last one, so true.  Needless to say, everyone really got into this project.  I do believe Julia has found her calling in life!  And, Baby Ganser has some truly original digs to look forward to, along with these…

A special thank you to Alissa’s mom, Phyllis, for all of her help and support.  Bridget and I so enjoyed doing this for you, Alissa.  You will be an incredible mom!


6 thoughts on “Alissa’s baby shower

  1. Adorable Shower ideas, setting, etc, Caroline!!! You could do this professionally!! Love the creativity and whimsical feel of it 🙂

  2. It was TRULY a picture perfect day! The little details were incredible. I can’t thank you enough. I most certainly have some seriously creative friends!!

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