Felt Stockings

Thought I’d share the stockings I made last year for Christmas.  I’m an eager beaver and have had my box o’ christmas stuff out for a week now waiting to be rifled through… 

These stockings came together in a couple of mornings.  I stole borrowed the book Fa la la la Felt from my Mom (sorry- i’ll get that back to you soon!) and was inspired immediately to make a couple for the kids.  For Ellery’s, I pretty much copied a design in the book for this white bear holding 3 stacked snowballs…

Felt might be my favorite material to work with.  I bought some good quality felt a couple years ago from OhMa Felt– it’s a big difference working with quality wool felt, and say, the stuff you find at Michael’s… Another book that I LOVE is Kata Golda’s book.   Check it out if you like felt! 

Onto Grant’s stocking… I got so into this project, you have no idea.  I spent some time googling images of my favorite Christmas character, the Abominable Snowman and just went at it piecing together scraps of white felt and some faux fur for his belly.  He’s just the right mix of scary and cute I think!

  I might make a couple more for me and Dean, but I need some suggestions… Rudolph and Clarice maybe?


10 thoughts on “Felt Stockings

  1. These stockings are amazing! I’m currently making stockings for my family (using the prudent baby tutorial) and I’m now thinking that they are kind of blah…especially after looking at that magnificent abominable snowman. I also get seem to get over my fear of bias tape. Sigh. Thanks for the inspiration!

    One of your many #1 fans!

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