Nothing But Knit

I finally finished what had been “on the needles” for over a year now: MY FIRST SWEATER!

It is the wrap top from Easy Baby Knits, by Claire Montgomery.  I fell in love with the photos of this sweater in the book, and hoped to have completed the 18-24 month size for Avery last year (when she was actually that age).  Fortunately, she can still squeeze into it.

 I have to say I am really proud of this one.  I was hasseled by it a bit, and even communicated with the author via her blog ( to work out the sloping neckline instructions).  But, I stuck with it, fixed my errors (thank you Grayson!), and it turned out beautifully.

 I splurged on the high-end satin ribbon, because it was too perfect to pass up.   How do I stop the fraying?  I tried the lighter, but the fibers wanted to flame up rather than melt.   

 Knitting is something I really enjoy, but it requires a lot of sitting down, which I do not do very well (I am my mother’s daughter 😉 ).  However, there is something really neat about having crafted every stitch of your garment by hand.  I must knit more! 

I also knit these sweet pants:

And, a “popcorn scarf” for me:

Thanks for visiting!  Now, go finish something you’ve started!


13 thoughts on “Nothing But Knit

  1. i love your knits! that sweater is perfection! i use some stuff called “fray check” that i get at the fabric store on the ends of ribbon. works pretty well. man, i wish i could knit…i need a knitting buddy that lives close by to help me along.

    1. I will look for fray check Kristin, thanks for the tip. Good luck finding a knitting buddy, that’s how I got started. Also, women who hang around yarn shops are often thrilled to help along a beginner!

  2. I LOVE this sista! It’s beautiful…. You NEED to knit more. Can’t you do it while sleeping? the ribbon is perfect. I just used a little bit of fabric glue the other day on the end of some ribbon for E’s tutu. I bet Mom has fray check at her house though, cuz you know she’s get EVerything!

  3. How beautiful! You did it!! Your stitches are so even & the neckline looks perfect. Hard to imagine it was your first sweater. Love the pants & that scarf, too. Makes me want to knit!! So pick a night & I’ll arrive with needles in hand!

    1. Thanks Grayson, that yarn was really forgiving- I ripped out many rows, and it finished so clean. Thankfully I bought loads of it during Kathy’s going out of business sale. So yes, come over this week, lets get into some yarn!

  4. This is awesome. I failed at knitting. My mother-in-law was terrific at it and I appreciate the work it takes to make something as perfect as the sweater you made. Keep it up.

  5. very impressive! it takes me a year to read a BOOK! if i could do that for a first sweater attempt, i’d give up reading! it’s beautiful!

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