Freezer paper fun

A couple of days ago I walked into Jet’s room and found that his tee-shirt drawer had detonated.  Apperantly he was looking for a particular long-sleeved dinosaur shirt.  Hmm, a perfect opportunity for a how-to-fold-a-shirt lesson!  As we sat on his floor re-folding, I came across a plain black tee that I’d meant to applique with an Angry Bird.  Jet commented that since his favorite Bird was the exploding black one, it wouldn’t really work on this black shirt.  True.  We bagan to brainstorm other options.  Jet suggested a snake with dripping green venom… um, okay. And then it came to me- freezer paper stencil!

After a few sketches, this one was finally approved as “scary enough”.

I cut the basic shape out of freezer paper, and ironed it on.  A few small repairs were needed.

Let the painting begin!  These are fabric paints by the way.

I tried to let him do it himself, but it was pretty spotty, so he let me help.

He thought most definitely the tail should be painted white.  I pursed my lips and grit my teeth to stifle the perfectionist crafter inside of me.   “Sure, that sounds good.”

 Before the reveal:

After the paint dried, the paper was removed.  Sweet.

Jet was happy with me handling the finishing touches.

First reaction, “Its not scary enough, there’s not enough green spit!”  Oh jeez.  Thankfully he got over it.  Here’s the back.  I did my best to blend toward the white tail.

Rockin it.

 That’s one mean snake avenger!  I love having a boy!  This one turns 5 on Saturday.  I can’t believe it.


8 thoughts on “Freezer paper fun

  1. That came out great! I had some fun with Freezer paper myself recently… maybe I’ll get around to writing a blog post about it one of these days. Happy Birthday Jet!!! 5 years old? How is that possible?!?!

  2. love the snake shirt.. reminds me of my son’s dinosaur shirt that we drew on a tee shirt.. he wore it every day and I saved it .. he is now 36 years old and still has the shirt is paper thin but the T-rex dino has survived a zillion washes.. happy birthday Jet from your favorite Aunt Marie

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