My quilt for Ellery is slowly coming together.  After cutting out all my small pieces, they sat on my kitchen counter for a good 2 weeks.  I just couldn’t get motivated to sew them together for some reason. 

I did make some other stuff while procrastinating though….

A plethora of pillows for her new bed.

 And lots of baked goods for moi.  I can’t stop.  It’s all I want to eat these days.

And now that I’m in the 7 week stretch, I’ve been on a serious home-organization kick. 

Goodbye fabric closet!


…Hello under the bed storage!

Anyway, Leave it to an episode of the Bachelor to help me get my quilting mojo back. I sewed all my patchwork pieces together and looked up just in time to see Chris Harrison announce “Ladies, this is the final rose of the night.”


Like you don’t have a guilty (reality tv) pleasure? 

I don’t believe it.



This weekend, I got around to sewing all the white sashing to my strips.


Next up is piecing together the back- I’m really trying to use up what I have, so it might just have to be a bunch of random large pieces of fabric.  Unless some specific design jumps into my head. 

I really started to like this project once I began to sew all the strips together. And, especially since Ellery kept coming up to tell me how pretty it was. And that means a lot considering she’s only worn the tutu I made her a few times and the doll carrier (yet to be blogged about) not once- i think it was too much of a contraption for her? 

Who knows…Maybe I’ll just make her a closet full of quilts.




5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Coming together beautifully. I always intend on getting stuff done during The Bach, but then my eyes become glued in horror at the tv screen.

  2. The Bachelor is totally my guilty tv pleasure as well. But I don’t feel nearly as bad watching it when I feel like I can sew or cut out something at the same time.

    And your quilt is looking great.

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