Little Shoes for Little Feet

Whew, its been a busy month!  I suppose it always will be with the 1,2,3,4…now 5 (!) family birthdays to celebrate in March!  Yes, we have a new baby for ya!  I am the proud Auntie of a baby girl, Corinne Marie Maupin, born March 28th, to proud mama Erin.


Ain’t she a beauty?  While Erin and her family take some time to snuggle up to Corinne and nibble on her baby feet, I will try to hold it down over here at “The Gunge”.  Let’s stay on the topic of baby feet, shall we?

While I have knitted several styles of baby booties in the past, I have only ever sewn one style of baby shoe.  And I will never sew another.  Because this is the best baby shoe pattern-tutorial EVER!  Oh, and because sewing teeny tiny shoes (inside, outside, and inside out) can make you insane, a la Miss Hannigan when she sings, “Little Girls“.  More likely to occur if you drink while you sew.  Oh c’mon, you do it too.

Image‘…someday I’ll step on their freckles…

Image…someday I’ll straighten their curls.”


Just kiddin.  What makes it all worth it is that these baby shoes STAY ON!  Probably because the pattern seems to be based on Robeeze style of baby shoe.  They are a great way to use up that very last scrap of favorite fabric that you just can’t part with.


The heavyweight cotton I used for both of these is from Japan, and I purchased it years ago.  Sorry I don’t have a link for you.  I whipped up a quick onesie-applique to go with the shoes, a sweet gift for my friend Alissa’s baby, Jax.

ImageI highly reccommend using leather for the sole.  It just gives them duriblity and the look of a real shoe.  This leather is upcycled of course, from an old, but never worn leather jacket I was given.  A purse from Goodwill would do it, right?

Here is baby Jax, kickin it (literally) in his new kicks.


“Little, LITTLE, little, little…  LITTLE, little, little, little…”




5 thoughts on “Little Shoes for Little Feet

  1. I’m in love with these… (and that little girl up there too). I think it’s time we introduce Ellery and Avery to some Annie! Whattya say? Love ya sista! -E

  2. I LOVE these shoes! In fact, I mourned the day that Adrian grew out of his. I passed them on to my tasty nephew and was thrilled that my sis seemed to love them as much as I did. Thanks for including the pattern, maybe I will give it a go someday. And welcome to this world Corinne!

    1. Oh thanks Mon! I am so glad that they held up enough to be handed down! That is reason enough for me to make more! Have you been blogging lately?

  3. Congratulations to Erin on her new addition – she’s beautiful! We have lots of March birthdays in our family too. 🙂 And what adorable baby shoes! Those are such a pain to sew, so it’s great to see some that work!

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