Balancing Act

While Erin is discovering how to balance life as a mother of three (take your time girl!), the Chang kids are discovering balance in a more literal sense.  Balance Boards!

I think this is the first “pin” from my Pinterest page that I have actually followed up on.  The pin came from elsie marley and includes a great little tutorial that she did for last year’s Celebrate the Boy series.  I love Meg’s find-whatever-you’ve-got-around-the-house approach.  Later,  I came upon a neato version with bumpers made from pool noodles, from Family Fun Magazine (February issue).  I pretty much followed their project instructions step-by-step.  I played with two different board sizes.  Basic white board from Lowes, and pvc piping there too. Got the Duck Tape and noodle from Target.  That was all I needed.

 In the process, I became a born-again worshiper of Duck Tape!  So fun, so easy, and now, so decorative!

Avery was all over the balance boards, such a natural that I wonder if we have a future snowboarder or surfer on our hands.  Maybe my tweenage dreams will live on through Avery…


Jet got in on the action too.  Though he shall remain faceless.

We gave a couple boards to our friend Olivia, for her 5th birthday (of course I didn’t snap her photo while she tested them out, errr.).  Still, they were a hit with children of all ages at the party.

All in all a great project, and a cool rainy day activity for the kiddos.  Or, just do it for the Duck Tape.


felt patch baby books

I thought I’d share with you my favorite baby gift ever. 

We have some good friends who have given us these darling felt patch photo albums for each one of our children.  They have become so special to us, and I was super excited the other day when a box arrived on our doorstep.  I smiled as soon as I saw the return address- knowing there would be another sweet book for our little lamb, Corinne.

The patch is made from hand-dyed wool felt, and the book is covered in canvas.  It’s quality.  The books come from here.  I urge you to visit Kata’s site and take a look at all she offers… so inspiring (well, to me anyway… i seriously love felt!).

Here is Grant’s- I just finished putting photos in his book a few weeks ago- just in time for his 2nd birthday (go me!).

And Ellery’s.  I wrote a little something under each photo in her book, almost so it would read like a story. 

She loves to find it on the bookshelf and have us look at it with her.  Often. 🙂

And check this out- no packing peanuts here!  These felt scraps kept my little ones busy for a solid 20 minutes.

So, keep these cute books in mind if you know a special little one is coming! 

OR… Get crafty! 

You can buy Kata Golda’s book, Hand-Stitched Felt and learn how to make tons of cute things.  I’ve made the finger puppets (shown above) twice, and they were so fun to make and personalize for each baby. 

My first experience with sewing ANYTHING was when I made things from this book.  Learning to hand-stitch inspired me to learn how to use a sewing machine… but looking back at these books, I’m getting the itch to sit on the couch and work a new project from this book- you know, once things get settled in around here.


baby girl

Crazy to think that I was sporting this baby bump just over a week ago….

….and three days later, I finally got to meet this beautiful little girl!

Corinne Marie was born on March 28, tipping the scales at 8lbs 6oz. 

We had a fairly quick labor and delivery, and though there was a lot of pain involved, I did managed to crack a few jokes during my breaks between pushing to lighten the mood. 

“What… you guys waiting on me?” 

Corinne is such a little bug.  So tiny, and new, and soft, I pretty much eat her up any chance I get. 

Here she is hanging out in Ellery’s doll stroller.  It’s just her size.

Ellery is such a helper and is ALL about the baby girl clothes.  She keeps saying, “Mom.  Isn’t the baby sooooo cute?”.  Yup! 

I see a LOT of pink in my future.

Grant is also being a good boy, though it’s confirmed- he does have a kissing addiction

 (Caroline has said he has Bret Michaels lips …awesome, right?….)

His expression here is priceless.  But, tell me I’m not the only one seeing a smidge of Dr.Evil in that grin?!  Watch out Corinne!

Anyway, we are all doing well, kickin’ it at home and learning how to live as a family of five.  Naps are hard to come by (unless you’re a kid of course).  But luckily we have a lot of family and friends who have come by to play with the older two, or hold sweet Corinne for an hour, or feed us, or just hang out on the couch and talk. 

We are so happy she’s here.

Babies are the best!