Favorite Fabric into Popover Sundress

I found this ridiculously adorable fabric a couple years ago in a novelty bundle at Jo-Ann.  I liked the other fabric quarters in the bundle, but this one is why I purchased two bundles (at $10 a pop)!  I had no idea what I would do with it.  I don’t even think I knew Avery was going to be a girl when I bought it.   But, the “super lucky cats” could not be passed up!   So, what is a girl to do with two fat quarters of beloved fabric?  A simple oliver + s Popover Sundress (note that only pattern size 2 will fit into a fat quarter)!  Here are some pics…

If anyone out there knows where this fabric can be found, please leave a comment!

I swear I didn’t ask her to pose, she just started workin it!

And thats all folks!


10 thoughts on “Favorite Fabric into Popover Sundress

  1. Ooooh buddy, that fabric is CUTE! I wish you knew what it was, too!! And your little gal is so adorable.

    PS – nice new header! 😉

  2. oh man – my five year old works it too. and i have no idea where she gets it??!! it’s like she’s watching america’s next top model behind my back.

    good luck with the pinafore! it’s super easy. you may even consider adding a few inches because it was just the perfect shirt length, if almost too short. (but my daughter who wore it just turned three – but she’s small for her age).

    1. cool, thanks for visiting Rachel, I enjoyed looking through your blog, and marked you as a new fave! I’ll let you know how the pinafore goes. -Caroline

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