spring sundress

In the days leading up to the birth of little Corinne, I was getting anxious.  I was officially overdue, my house was spotless (well, for me anyway), freezer stockpiled with cheesy-carby-homemade meals, clothes folded and actually put away… you could say I was waiting for things to happen.

  What better way to get my mind off impending labor, than to get lost in a sewing project?


I followed instructions for the Flower Girl dress pattern found in Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing, but altered it a bit along the way to fit my (as of last week!) 4 year old girl.  There were a few bumps along the way- joining the bodice together tripped me up for some reason.  I found the instructions to be a bit lacking, but then again, i had pregnancy brain going on at the time so….maybe i was just dumber that day. 🙂

I can’t remember who makes the fabric, but somehow I had a masssive stash of it- i do know it was a major clearance buy.  I love me some clearance fabric!  

It’s the perfect weight for this breezy sundress.

I widened the bodice a bit….though Heather says it should be snug-I knew Ellery wouldn’t go for that- she’s gotta be comfy or it’ll never get worn! 

Of course, it helps if there’s room to twirl….

Here’s where I ran into a bit of trouble:

Because I widened the bodice (note: the front and back bodice pieces are cut the same pattern piece), the straps were falling off her shoulders.  SO…. I brought them in from the edges of the back by an inch and a half- I sewed a few buttons to the straps and made buttonholes on the bodice- not ideal, but a quick fix.


My daughter lives in comfy dresses- I’m glad to add one more to her collection…

And though it’s not fancy enough to be called a Flower Girl dress, it’ll do the job for a kid that likes to twirl and play barefoot in the yard.  You may remember she called this dress her party dress!  haha…

such humble taste she has.


4 thoughts on “spring sundress

  1. Is it Darling Clementine line by Timeless Treasures? Gail of Probably Actually used it on a Tova. Your dress looks SO cute and have I already commented on your wheaten terrier? My folks had one, she was a fun dog!

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