Lone Wolf

For three weeks leading up to Halloween, Grant declared “I gonna be a WOLF”.  I suggested he maybe be Batman or Spiderman since we had those costumes handy from his cousin, but he refused.

I had some time one night when the kids went to bed early, so I grabbed my Oliver + S book and fulfilled his request by making the cozy winter hood.  I used some creepy faux fur that I had from when he was a wolf 2 years ago… really…. see below:

Gray fleece for the lining, and charcoal corduroy to line the ears, some brown grosgrain ribbon for the ties.  To keep the ears standing up I hand-stitched a bit around the base of them.

As soon as it was done I was psyched.  Totally looked like a wolf (to me)…but could pass for a donkey as well I’m told. 😉  I snuck into his room and put it on his sleeping head.  It fit perfectly.

The next morning he saw it on my desk and pretty much ran away screaming.  He wouldn’t go near it!  Even after seeing his sisters try it on, me, dad…. even the dog… he was not going near it.

So, I brought it along to my Mom’s 60th birthday party at a local vineyard.  We had no problem getting it on anyone else!

Here’s everyone but Grant gettin’ their wolf on…

My nephew Jet.  Obviously G had no problem being chased by a wolf.

And Avery.  How cute is she?

 Ellery rockin’ the wolf….

And baby-wolf Corinne:

Even my Aunt Joan got into it:

 We offered up 2 other costumes for Grant, which he refused…. until last minute when he decided on a “worker-guy” (construction hat and flannel shirt & jeans) I hardly ever sew for my boy, so it’s kind of a bummer that he wont wear this!

He has since told me he wants a “truck” hat.

Shoulda known!!!


8 thoughts on “Lone Wolf

  1. I love it! I think I need to make a few wolves for the dress up bin…we need more “bad guy” outfits to counter balance all the princess ones. Someone’s got to capture the princesses and take them to their lairs, right?

  2. I love seeing the wolf hat on the sleeping Grant and so many family members! Mama’s party looks lovely too! He is a cute worker guy. xx – M

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