Geranium Dress

Happy February!


To celebrate the arrival of my least favorite month (bleak/blah/brrrrrr!!!), I made a Geranium dress for Ellery.

This a new pattern from Rae a.k.a. our sewing guru…. And just as I knew it would be, the pattern is clear and concise with many photos and plenty of options.

Really, if you’re looking for a great basic dress pattern, get this!


The fabric is sort of an odd choice, but i was feeling pressured to use a (soon to expire) gift certificate at my local shop and I was drawn to this… It’s Field Study Glimmer by Kristine Baerlin for Free Spirit.  I think it’s suitable for February actually.  Grayish/Green cattails with bits of pink and orangey-gold…. a little prelude to Spring.  I didn’t have much else in enough yardage, so I kind of took the risk of her rejecting it but soldiered on….

Ellery seemed to like it right away, but told me (she loves to say this) “I’ll wear it to school when I’m 5!”


I made a 5T for my almost 5 year old girl- there is a little room for her to grow into it.

I lengthened the skirt by an inch and a half and I also added in the pockets from view B to my skirt piece (view A).


I intended to use snaps to close the back, just for ease of getting dressed in the busy mornings, but I forgot I had these cute purple oval buttons- I liked the look so I went with it.


Here she is discovering her pockets….it took her a while 🙂


….And here she is trying to play dollhouse with her hands still in the pockets…


Most importantly, this dress withstood the couch-jumping test.


I have a tunic version of this in the works for Corinne…

Until then, Adios!


16 thoughts on “Geranium Dress

  1. I love the fabric! It’s really great. Funny, as I saw your photo I was all “I think that’s a Geranium…has she blogged that?” and even came to look. Thanks for making all of my wildest dreams come true! 🙂

  2. I love it–it’s perfect! I am encouraged to read it was an easy sew. I bought fabric to make this for my two girls, but have not mustered myself enough to start. Can’t wait to see the next one!

  3. The dress (and the girl wearing it) are gorgeous! The pattern is really addictive..I’ve already made four for my daughter..did you add the in-seam pockets to the gathered pattern?

  4. So sweet – great fabric choice, Erin! I am really starting to feel the pressure of the geranium pattern covet – they’re everywhere and you guys are all making them look so fantastic!

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