vintage floral crowns

Hey y’all!

Just popping in to share with you what’s been consuming my evening sewing sessions lately….I’m not sure what inspired these crowns, but once the idea came to me there was no stopping the production!

vintage floral pillowcases + wool felt = soft, sweet, and subtle crowns perfect for Spring.

(side note- no matter how much you wash a vintage sheet, it still smells OLD.  or, seasoned as i like to say….)


The above fabric is from the same pillowcase that this dress was made from.


These are going to be for a certain special girl’s 5th birthday party coming up in April.  I am making one for each of her little guests.  Hence the production line!  We’ll be having a little girl’s luncheon in our backyard garden and I’m excited to plan for it- I’m usually not big on birthday hoopla for little kiddos (a ton of work/stress/money- plus all three of my babies have birthdays within a month of each other!) but, now that Ellery is old enough to help me with ideas and planning, it’s actually something I’m looking forward to!  Except that every day she tells me EXACTLY what she’d like her cake to look like… different every day of course!

I like that these crowns (which they can wear for the party AND take home…) don’t cost a lot, but are made with a lot of love.

More to come!


20 thoughts on “vintage floral crowns

  1. Erin – so so pretty! I’ve never thought of adding fabric to felt crowns…It makes them so pretty and unique! Did you use any interfacing or steam-a-seam?

    1. Monica- I used a lightweight (i think) iron-on interfacing that i ironed to the fabric, then cut my crown shape, and stitched that to a rectangle of felt. Then cut the excess felt off. used a few inches of elastic in the back. I’ll post a tute soon!

  2. Yay, I can’t wait for Avery to fall in love with hers! Lemme know if you want another vintage floral to add to the mix. What’s the deal with the Goodwill smell that won’t quit?!

  3. Soooooo stinkin’ cute! Do you do mail order party favors?? 🙂 Seeing them makes me happy you’re using your mad skills…but sad we’ll be missing the festivities 😦 Love you all!

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