long-distance, Geranium-style

Earlier this month, we had a heavy wet snowstorm that knocked out our power and water for 4 days.  To keep the kids happy + entertained, we had “practice” easter egg hunts, bacon fried on a little propane burner, couch naps, s’mores a la fireplace…you know, power outage stuff.  Do all Moms suck at building forts, or is it just me?

Anyway.  Sounds fun for a while, right?

We stuck it out at home for about 24 hours before the novelty of of it all wore off and we high-tailed it to my parent’s hotel house for the rest of the weekend.  I love a good flushing toilet.  TMI?


One great thing about having no electicity, is that you are forced to do the stuff you normally don’t like to do, like organizing all the crap that no one ever uses under the bathroom sink, making Goodwill donation clothing piles (i’m talking to you and your t-shirts, husband), and cutting out pattern and fabric pieces.

Prepping up a couple of Geraniums with Ellery delightfully helped to pass the time.

I snagged up this fun fabric (Summersault by Erin McMorris for FreeSpirit) when it was on sale for a few dollars/yard online… I actually bought it in 3 colorways- we also have orange, because I knew Ellery would lo-lo-love it.  It just exudes Spring.  And jelly bean-colored raindrops?  Love at first sight for my girl…

She and I decided to make one for her, and one for “Friend Caroline”- her bff that moved to Colorado last year.  I showed her the options in the pattern, and she did a fabulous job of telling me EXACTLY how she wanted them to look, down to the flutter sleeves on both, and the green one having the U cut-out but not the pink one.  😉

Our photo shoot went a lot like one of Ellery and Caroline’s many playdates:

It started off a little slow.


Maybe even a little sassy….as Caroline’s midewestern mom would say.

I say fresh.


But after some nagging from us Moms, and a little moping from the girls…


Soon, things would be just fine and dandy!


…and they were off playing princesses or fashion show, trading dresses, tiaras, and shoes….


Having some girly fun.


And of course, getting bugged by Grant… seen here, trying to eat the pink dress.


I let Ellery decide in the end which dress she would send to Caroline, and which one she’d chose for herself.  Can you guess which one she kept?

It *might* surprise you.


Green!  Now THAT is a good 4 year-old friend…

We miss Caroline and her Mom (a.k.a. my “sisterwife”) TONS, but we are getting used to Facetime- Ellery gets very shy when she sees C on the ipad and pretty much goes mute.  So her!

I’m sure eventually they’ll be able to channel all that laughter and silliness that would ensue during those playdates.

Like here, when just after I took this shot, she walked backward and fell off the bookshelf, landed on one of Corinne’s baby toys, and kicked it on.


In Spanish-mode.

We laughed our heads off.

I’m pretty sure Friend Caroline would have too.


14 thoughts on “long-distance, Geranium-style

  1. Awe, I miss you guys already. What am I on day 4 out here? Such a cute photo shoot. Kinda sad tho, we miss Friend Caroline too!

  2. So cute, Erin! And so sweet of you to make matching dresses. I love little girls’ decisiveness. When helping me fabric shop my girl will instantly and unwaveringly tell me which fabric she wants while I go back and forth for an hour. I love that your dresses are coordinating, but different from each other – like these two friends, I imagine.

    1. Oh yea, Ellery is pretty specific about likes and dislikes when it comes to fabrics- if i don’t listen to her, it goes wasted and sits balled up in her closet!

  3. Love your Geraniums, your little stylist has good taste. I was laughing reading your sequence of photo shoot events, the ones I do work the same way. Some protesting (or sass, spunk, or freshness) in the beginning, and then she LOVES it. I love it with those bright rain boots, too!!

  4. The dresses are beautiful and I LOVE the story you told along with them. Especially the dress switch-a- roo and the glimpses of the little personalities that go along with them. xx

  5. Great geraniums! I too am in love with this pattern and have made two for my little girl. Should be staring my third now but reading your blog! Lovely cheerful colours too that brighten me up in our dreary British climate.

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