Backyard Patchwork Quilt

I’ve had the itch to make another quilt ever since finsihing the first one I made last year for Ellery.  This time, a quilt to hang out on when we are playing outside- which this time of year is pretty much all afternoon.

I had a few requirements that I wanted to stick to: It had to be a STASHBUSTER, Colorful (enough to hide food and grass stains), Easy, and fast.


 I perused Pinterest, adding several beauties to my quilt board.  But, I realize I am not a “quilter” and I was putting it off because the whole process was starting to daunt me. Then, I remembered something an old Chef used to tell me in my younger days as a cook… when you get overwhelmed by what’s ahead of you, just use the K.I.S.S. system.  As in, “Keep it simple, stupid.”  And things will magically come together for you.  So I stopped pinning, and started pulling fabrics.


 I kept going back to the idea of using lots of florals, so I pulled anything I had that jumped out at me.  Also, I had a few Anna Maria Horner prints that I felt were just staring at me everytime I opened my fabric closet.  Like, “DO SOMETHING WITH US, LADY!”.  So, I used a few that I was pretty sure wouldn’t end up into any clothing projects- Coordinates in saffron, and Bubble Burst in Turquoise.  I thought those two would break it all up and add some pizazzzzzz….


I cut 10 1/2″ squares.  42 in all.  I used my Mom’s square ruler which made the cutting process go super quick and precise.

(Thanks Gee for owning every type of tool I could ever possibly need.  You always come through for me!)


I used Kona in Slate (i think?) for the binding and didn’t waste my nights hand-stitching it on… It was so fast using the machine and a walking foot really helped (again, thank you Mom for that!).  For the backing, I just pieced together any large pieces I had left, plus that green floral print, and also added a large piece of some eggplant-colored cotton.  When I asked my Mom if it that was okay to do, she laughed and said “I don’t think the Quilt Police will come after you”.  Hey, I don’t know these things!


I hand-tied the quilt with mustard colored floss at each corner where the squares meet.  I like how sort of loose and soft it is without the stitching all over… In fact, I would probably go that route again- it was so fast and easy.


I’m so happy with the result.  I am excited to throw it out on the lawn, picnic with the kiddos on it, and maybe even take a nap on it someday.  Just kidding.  That will NEVER happen.

But, I do feel like it’s very “Me”…. whatever that means!


23 thoughts on “Backyard Patchwork Quilt

  1. Wow such a pretty quilt! I love the colors and prints that you used. Every time I see a quilt, I feel inspired to make one but I’m not a quilter either and for some reason they scare me lol! I think I will take your very good advice and just keep it simple and make one already! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. It is so pretty, I love it! I have only made one quilt and it took me 9 months! But I think I may try one like this, I could use some stash busting as well and with it more simplified maybe it will take me less time.

  3. Great job Erin, this is beautiful! I would love to make one of these for picnics and the beach….but I think I’m going to be firmly in the pinning stage for awhile! I love your moms comment about the quilt police, I sometimes am like that too….wondering what the ‘right’ way is to do everything, when really….who says any way is the ‘right’ way. The pieced backing adds so much charm!

  4. It’s beautiful! Great work! I really need to make a stashbustin’ picnic/fort/cozy/whatever quilt. My scrap pile is getting out of control. Love the KISS method. 😉

  5. Oh Erin – such a gorgeous and happy quilt! So impressed! Quilting is something I’ve been wanting to try and I think it’s time I used the good ole KISS method too. 🙂

    1. Pavitra… we shall see about a tutorial. This was enjoyable enough that I actually might make a similar one for my son’s bed. Some day. 🙂 Don’t be too intimidated- there are so many beginner tutorials out there!

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