best. skirt. EVER.

Have you seen the movie Tangled?  It’s a favorite around here.

We love to sing the songs and I often quote from it- “Take it from your Mumsie”  and “Mother knows best…” and “I’m making your faaaavoriiite!!” are ones I frequently belt out throughout the day.  I’m pretty sure Mother Gothel has one of the greatest singing voices in the history of Disney movies.

  Anyway, there’s a part in the movie when Rapunzel is frolicking in the open grass for the first time in ages, after she repels down from her castle, yelling,


 Ellery likes to use that line when she really likes something.  “Best swing/toast/piggyback EVER!”

Or in this case, SKIRT.


We declare this the best skirt ever.



I used the reversible circle skirt tutorial by You and Mie, and guys…it’s a good one.  I don’t know why I’ve never tried a circle skirt before- it was so fun to make and just way easier than I thought.


I drafted this little pattern up for a 5T, it was VERY quick to sew- with no hemming required- just bias tape around the botton. And wouldn’t you know it… It used exactly one package of bias tape- with like, 2″  to spare.

::patting myself on the back for that one:::

The outer fabric is Amy Butler water bouquet in mint, and the inside is blue Chambray from Joann’s.


Anyway, you can see why Ell loves it!

Best skirt ever.

My new go-to for sure.


Go make one!


6 thoughts on “best. skirt. EVER.

  1. It’s so cute!!! Love the fabrics and the contrasting trim. And everything looks just that much more awesome when you’re kid is having fun in it!!

  2. It’s super cute! I love that tutorial – need to make one for Em! She’s a big Tangled fan too…she’ll ask me why she can’t go outside while I’m brushing her hair. 😉

  3. Love it!! I need to try Cherie’s tutorial. Circle skirts seem to be the way to go with little girls – such fab pix too!!

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