Vintage May :: Playclothes for all!

:::This post is a part of the fabulous Vintage May series hosted by Craftiness is not Optional and Skirt as Top:::


We are so glad that Kristin and Jess invited us to participate in this year’s Vintage May series- and wow, what a line-up of talented ladies!

We’re not worthy!  We’re not worthy!

If you are new here, Welcome!  We are so happy you’re here.

2013-5-Vintage May4

Last year, we sewed along during Vintage May, using floral sheets from yesteryear- here and here.  This year we got our Fraulein Maria on, repurposing bed linens into playclothes for our brood- that’s 6 kids altogether!

Okay, so we were a teensy bit excited for our FIRST GUEST POST!  ::sister high-fives all around::


Some of our looks were designed around the unique beauty of vintage bedding, and some just have touches of them, as you’ll see below.  Repurposing sheets and pillowcases is great since a lot of the work is already done for you in the form of seams and hems- just make sure to wash them up in some yummy-smelling detergent.  You might find the aroma to be uniquely “vintage” as well.  😉

Though our photo shoot reflects some nap-time delirium and lingering (and still lingering…) pink-eye- don’t worry, it ended with a full-on Vintage May/Gangnam-Style dance party!

It only makes sense to start with the oldest… so here’s Jet!


Caroline:  Thinking about vintage looks for the boys, I kept coming back to this child actor, who was in some of our other favorite childhood movies (Swiss Family Robinson, Pollyanna, and Toby Tyler).  You know him right?  He’s the same in all those movies- scrappy, mischevious, and somewhat annoying.  But he’s so cute in the hats and knickers and suspenders!  So for Jet, I worked up a pair of HG tour pants  using a plaid pillowcase for the stripe.  I decided to chop the pants below the knee to encourage summertime boyish mayhem.  Get it?  Mayhem? I love a good sewing pun.  The suspenders are simply made with 1″ elastic, and upcycled leather + buttons. 


Erin: I fell in love with the details and colors of this pillowcase and knew right away that it needed to be a top for Ell.  I utilized the entire thing.  Normally, I’d leave the existing pillowcase hem for something like this, but I wanted to use the yellow in the flutter straps and the chest band, so I ended up cutting off a good chunk of the bottom.  The back closes with a big vintage button and elastic loop. The shorts are E and E’s bubble pocket sailor shorts pattern in yarn-dyed Essex Linen.  I love all the buttons!  You can get a better glimpse of them up in that first picture.


Caroline: Avery’s look is also reminiscent of Pollyanna.  If you need a fix, watch this.  I loved her drop-waisted dresses and sailor ties.  Avery’s modernized version (say if Pollyanna were to take up tennis) begins with a Flashback tee (minus the sleeves) on top and vintage pillowcase on the bottom.  I simply cut the pillowcase in half and pleated it to match the circumference up top.   Using the same pillowcase, I made bias tape and stitched it around the collar and arm holes.


ERIN: I love the idea of little boys in vests, but it’s not a look you really see anymore.  So, I decided to try one out for Grant using Lindsay’s tutorial modifying it into a racerback… and I love it!  I made it with Essex linen (same as Ell’s shorts), and the pockets are cut from the hem of a pillowcase.  The inside is a pretty yellow floral sheet (the most masculine one I had).  Grant’s pants are based on the Parsley pants pattern, but modified a bit to make them skinnier, and of course shorter.  If we had a creek out back, you bet this boy would be wading it.


Erin: For Corinne, I definitely wanted to keep it easy!  I love the idea of a one-piece outfit for babies, so I made some bloomers from a sweet pillowcase I had and then attached it to a basic tank onesie- I used 1/4″ elastic to gather the leg holes, and added 3 snaps at the crotch.  I thought it’d be fun to add a faux peter pan collar since, they were and are all the rage, aren’t they?  I appliqued some shiny gold fabric and added a sweet ivory ribbon rosebud in the center.  It’s pretty, but so practical for summer days.  (note to self: make more of these.)


Caroline: Wes is wearing faux-suspenders (grosgrain ribbon, d-rings, steam-a-seam) attached to a onesie, along with pillowcase lined pants (based on A.M.H’s Quick Change Trousers).  His newsboy cap is from this free online pattern/video tutorial that I found for an adult, and eventually had success with scaling it down for a small head. 

2013-5-Vintage May9

2013-5-Vintage May10

2013-5-Vintage May4

Do you remember this part in the Sound of Music?

Captain Von Trapp: “Do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about Salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old DRAPES?”

Fraulein Maria: “Mmm-hmmm. And having a MARVELOUS time!”


avery and grant

Thank you all for stopping by!  Come back tomorrow for a tutorial on Corinne’s pillowcase romper- it’s an easy one! 🙂


And if you know what’s good for you, check out today’s other Vintage May post by Jessica of Happy Together.  Thanks again Kristin and Jess for letting us in on the fun!

So long, farewell….

Erin + Caroline

34 thoughts on “Vintage May :: Playclothes for all!

  1. My jaw has dropped. How did you? What the? How? Just stop it.

    Seriously though, I can’t believe you made this many looks and had no clunkers. They are all so adorable! I especially LOVE your boy looks. Perfect.

    1. AW Jess thanks! Since we skippied out on KCW this season, we decided it was our duty to do a little mash-up 😉 And yea, we’re kinda tired of sewing now. hehe.

  2. Love them, love them ALL!!!! So incredibly fun to go through so many, it was like a little treat this morning. That baby romper is killing me with cuteness, I need to make one STAT (while I can….sniff). You ladies did GOOD!! 🙂

  3. I love everything! Make me a GIANT romper – do you have a king size sheet?
    And I love the shout out to Kevin Corcoran! One of my favorites!

  4. Seriously, this is outrageously awesome!!! Makes me want to hunt down vintage sheets and make charming vintage wear (sadly we only have K’s pee-stained ones from yesteryear in a Goodwill pile…). Wonderful guest post ladies!

  5. You ladies make me consider having another kid on the off chance it would be a boy! I so want to dress a little boy in clam diggers and suspenders! Perhaps Virginia could sport the look? In her page boy haircut she might pull it off? Ya’ll really got your sew on. I’m impressed.

  6. wow, and wow again! these outfits are so amazing! you two have been so busy creating all this adorable-ness. My favorite . . . toss up between the pillowcase top and Pollyanna dress (love the pleated skirt with matching bias binding). But really – it’s all just exquisite! Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Sound of Music quote!! Love it. 🙂 Ladies your talents amaze me. Thanks for all the inspiration and can’t wait to see those lil’ duds in person.

  8. Absolutely fabulous! I don’t know where to start…I just love it all. And the whole linens and vintage, vests and hats. Gorgeous gang of kids you have too! How fun!

  9. Awesome awesome awesome. You guys knocked it so far out of the park it’s disgusting. Love EVERY look, can’t pick a fave, think I need to make O some green clamdiggers now…Thank you SO much for being my guest! Get ready to join the guest post circuit. 😉

    1. You are so sweet- this was series was so up our alley- really enjoyed seeing everyone’s looks. Especially Vanessa’s today! And we are at your service! Bring it. -E

  10. This is incredible, so much amazing stuff here and how cute is Wes! I especially love the boy outfits. You’ve set the bar very high for future guest posts now 😉

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