Two for a Friend

My friend, Jenny is always so complimentary of the clothes I make my kiddos.  She especially loved these dresses I made (their first matching outfits…hehe) last Summer.


I told her I’d make her a couple of things for her little girl, Elliot, if she picked out some fabric she liked.  So I let her loose on one of my favorite online fabric stores, Hawthorne Threads, where she was quickly sucked into the world of fabric-buying addiction!


A girl after my own heart, she was immediately drawn to Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks Voile collection.  I fell hard (and still fall hard) for that fabric long ago.  So first up (using Coco as my model), I made a Geranium … though I intended for it to be a dress, I think I taped the pattern pieces wrong so I ended up with something between a dress and a tunic.  whoops.  A good excuse to show off some ruffly bloomers I guess?  Corinne seemed suspicious…


I lined it with this cute farm girl print by Megumi Sakura.


I have saved every last little bit of that fabric (first used here)…. love it!


The second dress is my fave, I love the combination of those two prints.


This time around I did an elastic loop and button closure which makes it way more comfy and easy to get on and off than the last ones I made.  Ellery wore her dress to shreds last year, and I plan on making Ell and Coco new versions soon for this Summer.


When I do, I’ll be sure to snap some pics and jot down some measurements for a little tutorial if anyone is interested-

I think I kinda/sorta promised that last time around…  😉


19 thoughts on “Two for a Friend

  1. Oh these are so cute! I actually love how the first one turned out short, haha! And the lining is too adorable! What size did you make it in?

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I sewed the 18-24 month size geranium- Corinne is 14 months and average… I’d probably go up a size next time around just to get more wear out of it, but I’d say the Geranium pattern runs very true to size. -E

  2. So cute, as were the yellow dresses. I wish I had fabric by the bolt for all of that AMH voile. I had heard bloggers talking about how soft and nice it was and I was totally skeptical. Until I won an infinity scarf made of it and I was sucked into planet voiletalia. LOve that stuff.

  3. Oh, these are adorable!!! Love these sweet blues. And I love the length of the geranium. I cut one of mine like that, too….it just has that vintage vibe. I mean, why hide those chubby toddler legs!?!? What is the pattern for that second dress???

  4. Cuteness!! I love the fabric combinations and I’m coveting that farm girl print! And don’t get me started on Coco….that face!

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