Roza pattern review + a giveaway

I think I’m ready to venture into more adult sewing, and there’s no better way to do that than by just getting a pattern and following it, right?  So, about a month ago, I pinned this pattern to my Sewing for Me board.  It’s the Roza blouse and dress pattern by Kate and Rose.

 I think a sweet peasant top is a good staple in any girl’s wardrobe and this one looked pretty perfect.  I did some digging on the web, but I couldn’t find many variations out there.  So I emailed the pattern designer, Kati, and asked her if she knew of any examples out there in sewing blog-land to link me to.  She explained that the pattern had just been released, so no, there weren’t many variations yet, but would I be interested in sewing one up if she sent me the pattern?

Um…why, YES I would!


The Roza is pretty much everything you’d want and expect from a peasant top – roomy, lightweight, casual but feminine.  And guess what?  It’s a super fast sew… no really, it is!  Piecing together and cutting the pattern took the longest for me, but that’s usually the case with a pdf pattern in my house – it ends up on the kitchen table along with all the other junk and then I have to re-sort through all the pages, etc… you know the drill.  But still,  it’s pretty convenient to just print something off at your house and get working when you get a burst of creative energy (even if it lasts only 20 minutes).

There are several ways to customize the Roza- short or long sleeves, cropped or asymmetrical hemline, gathered or flat front…just check it out, guys.  And if you have any interest in hand-embroidery (i love this Roza), you must visit her site.

The long-sleeves are bracelet length, and the cuffs are actually supposed to look like this:


But I loved the look of the wide cuffs, so I decided to leave them instead of folding them in as the pattern instructs.  I believe that in most sewing patterns, there’s a little wiggle room to add your own twist.  You just gotta go with what you’re feeling.


I sewed a Medium, but extended my pieces to the Large in length.  I’m 5’11” and often things just aren’t long enough on me.

I mean, c’mon…Do you see that wing-span up there?

I really should’ve extended the length in the front another inch or so though… I like the cropped front, but on me it’s just a little *too* cropped.


I have never been sure about high-low hemlines- a look I feel that I’m too old for… their ‘business in front, party in the back’ attitude sometimes just plain confuses me.  Oh wait, that’s the mullet.  But, I decided to give it a go anyway.  A high-Low that is.  Not a mullet.


  Getting time to stroll through the fabric store is a total luxury, and one that doesn’t happen often these days, so online fabric shopping it is!  I have had my eye on this print for ages – Art Gallery voile in Praline in Honey .  I love the colors, and it’s a nice yellow that actually looks okay on me (usually yellow is NOT my color!).  The cuffs are solid voile in Seafoam.

I’m really liking the contrast.


Taking photos of yourself is a lot less awkward when there are kids in the room.  Grant was my lighting technician, adjusting the blinds every 6 seconds.


While Ellery manned the camera remote.  It made things a lot more comfortable.

 Kinda like this top!


Kati has been so kind to offer one of you lovely readers a Roza pattern!  Please leave a comment below and cross your fingers….


Giveaway is open to all and will end on Saturday at 11:00 pm EST.  Winner will be chosen (probably by my kid) at random.

**Giveaway is now closed**

2013-6-Roza top3

Congrats to #11, Grabill!

59 thoughts on “Roza pattern review + a giveaway

  1. I absolutely adore your version of this top- the fabric is a perfect match for the pattern and it looks really really lovely on you. Giveaway or not, this pattern will be added to my stash (and maybe the fabric too)

  2. Oh my I just LOVE THIS ALL 3 piece’s are just AWESOME!! I LOVE YOUR CHOICE OF FABRIC my favorite colors!!! Great job, your children are adorable… Be Blessed, Linda

  3. The shirt is gorgeous – it looks so lovely on you! I’m excited to have discovered yours and Caroline’s blog and have you following mine:) I would love to enter the giveaway…I really need to sew more for myself…why do I not care what I wear but spend so much time sewing for my little girls? (because it’s too much fun!!) :))

  4. You look super cute in your new top – I love it. It looks so comfy and stylish at the same time. I like your shoes too 🙂

  5. So, how can I bribe your kids? German chocolate? I would really like to win this pattern! 😉 You did a beautiful job (great look with the jeans!) and I love the versatility of the pattern. Thank you for the chance to win!

  6. As usual you rock. You are my sewing hero. So when did you just “decide” to teach yourself to sew… and seriously…do you sew when the kids are awake or do you simply never go to bed? I make such a disaster in my living room/sewing room and take so long to finish a project that I hate to even begin one! Tips? Advice?

  7. ooh, nice work! i especially love your contrasting wide cuff color choice (whew)! i’d love to have a go at this pattern-cute and casual. oh, btw, what shoes are you wearing? thanks!

  8. Great combination of the yellow and aqua. That blue embroidered panel on her white one is so beautiful. I’d love to try my hand at making one!

  9. Your shirt turned out great! I love your color choices…and I absolutely love your photos! You should tell your lighting technician he did a great job!

  10. Awesomeness, Erin! I love the contrasting fabric and that color looks great on you!! Yay for adult sewing – looking forward to seeing more!

  11. Your color choices are gorgeous!I too wish yellow was my friend, I do love it so. The blouse is gorgeous. Kudos to you! Your children are pretty adorable as well.

  12. could you be any cuter? nope, you couldn’t! you look gorgeous! and 5’11”! wow! that makes you especially model-esqe. 🙂 I’m 5’7″ so I guess I always assume everyone in the blog world is my height. it’s always interesting/fun to find out who’s shorter or taller!
    the shirt is beautiful and i love what you did with the cuffs. you rocked it!

  13. i love it! the fabric is beautiful and compliments the pattern. i like the hi-low hem–i think the top looks great on you (the color too–and yellow is very hard to pull off)!

  14. oh what a beauuuuutiful top!! i love it on you. love this photoshoot, too, perfectly real. would love to win but just wanted to tell you it looks great. 😉

  15. This top is exactly what I’m looking for. I would love to win the pattern! It looks so comfy. 🙂

  16. I ADORE your fabric choices. I will explore this pattern, thanks! Ps. Did you use a walking foot?

  17. Lovely top – your fabric choices are brilliant. I love the contrast cuff. And i am loving your bookshelves too! Great photo staff you have there 🙂

  18. This top looks fantastic, a combination of happy and colourful! What a great room for your photo shoots, I love how you use the bookshelf as your prop. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern.

  19. That is such a lovely print and the top looks beautiful. I know what you mean about browsing in the fabric shop with kids! Oh, and that’s a very impressive wing span 🙂

  20. That is really pretty, and the color looks great on you! Like everyone else said, you made a great fabric choice 🙂 Fun pattern!

  21. I love this pattern! I have had this vision of this top in my mind and could never find it …. and here it is! I need to make this top, Just for me!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  22. I have a hard time making clothes for myself. It is hard when you are almost 50 and feel much younger. Ha.The way I feel about myself hasn’t caught up to the way I look – maybe it’s all the younger people on the internet posting cute shots of themselves in cute clothes. Some styles just don’t work for me anymore. Kinda like last summer, when I had my hair in two short ponytails to keep my neck cool and my college son said, “Mom, that look’s a bit young for you….”
    Yeah, like that.

    This top looks great on you but I think for myself I’d cut it even around the bottom.

  23. your new top is so very pretty! I love the photos in your post – it is a lot of fun to see the kids moving about while you model your new creation 🙂

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