For a Special Girl

One year ago, a best friend of mine delivered her baby girl, Hazel, earlier than expected.  2.5 months earlier in fact.  Although it was a scary and difficult time for the new parents, Hazel was strong and mighty!  No surprise to me.  I’ve known her mom and dad since they were kids.  This girl is bred from strong and mighty!  Every milestone of Hazel’s has been worth celebrating, but turning ONE takes the cake, pun intended of course!

1-Hazel clothes 002

I was thrilled to whip up a special birthday look for this stylish cutie.  As you can see, Hazel (er, Kelly) enjoys a good festive outfit!

Kelly gave me some guidelines: purple/yellow, elephants, and the #1!  Got it.

7-Hazel clothes 046

 The polka dot fabric is Michael Miller, and the purple print is by Lonni Rossi for Andover Fabrics.  I love how they combine- can’t wait to use the leftovers!

Since Hazel lives a few hundred miles away, I was not able to attend her party.  (Her mama owes me photos!)

Luckily my 7.5 month old, Wes, agreed to model for me!

Look out, baby in drag…

4-Hazel clothes 038

Oh my gosh, he SUCH a BOY!

I’m not gonna lie, I had a little fun with this.

Wes, however, did not.

5-Hazel clothes 035

Awe, poor kid!

Oh come on, Wes is smart, but I can assure you he didn’t know what the heck was going on.

6-Hazel clothes 033

See? He’s happy now.

If you have ‘Dude Looks Like a Lady’ in your head right now, I’m with you.

This was my first circle skirt, and I’m officially hooked! I just love how it fans out and swings!  Onesie is a simple applique, with some help from my friend, Steam-a-Seam.

I also made Hazel a second look.  A just-in-case outfit, for those not-so-fresh moments.  Ew, what is that even from?

I was inspired by Hazel’s party invitation- black, lime green, and hot pink.  And also, this black onesie with green stitching that I’ve had in my stash for years.  I might be the only person who loves babies in black.  Tell me where to buy more black onesies!

3-Hazel clothes 044

As I worked on the name applique, it started to remind me of a soccer jersey.  So, I had to go there…

2-Hazel clothes 045

And a little lazy days skirt to match.  Lime Chevron by Riley Blake.

1-Hazel clothes 047

Oh what fun to have a baby girl!

But I’m not complaining.  Avery is plenty enough girl for this household.  And Wes, is the roly-poly baby boy of my dreams.

Happy first birthday Hazel!

And many more.


13 thoughts on “For a Special Girl

  1. I totally agree with you on circle skirts…they are awesome! I love both outfits…and I love that your little man helped you model them! His future wife is going to crack up at these pics.

  2. The outfit looked 10x better with the birthday girl in it. We missed you and your brood at the party! Wes is adorable and werked that dress. I can’t believe he is 7.5 months.

  3. i looove this. love.this! the yellow/purple is such an original color combo. how interesting! the elephant, the hearts, the “1” , ack! it’s all so perfect. you rocked it!

  4. So fun and cute, Caroline – I love that you dressed Wes in the outfit – I used to put dresses on my baby brother when we were kids and I remember a similar response!

  5. ELEPHANTS! Oh and I think it’s great that Wes still looks like a boy in girl’s clothing – I put O in a girl outfit when he was around 1 and it looked the same way. Hilar. These poor boys of ours.

  6. OH my goodness – I LOVE the outfits you made for sweet little Hazelita. I bet that mama Kelly was in tears. You are so talented- and such a good friend too. xo

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