Here’s my first completed KCW Summer project.

A breezy colorful dress for my littlest gal, Coco.


I realized halfway into sewing this that is the 4th consecutive garment I’ve made with cotton voile.  Hmm.  Might I be a one-trick pony?  Probably… but I love sewing with the stuff!  That hashtag up there? Yeah… could not get that out of my head white I was working on this.

Too much Instagramming I guess. 😉


The pattern is one that I drew up last Summer (here and here). I’ve hinted before at a possible tutorial, but every time I make one I change it up a little and still don’t feel like it’s quite perfected!

The voile solids in Mist and Coral are by Free Spirit, that I purchased from Hawthorne Threads– one of my favorite online fabric shops.  And the AMH print is one I’ve had for a while… Actually, I kind of hoard it in every colorway, so be prepared to see it again and again.  You’ve been warned.


The basic construction of the dress is easy.  A long rectangle folded in half for the bodice, A couple of ruffled straps, and a gathered skirt piece.

Since voile is so thin, I decided to line the bodice (that print is one piece of fabric folded over) with a piece of folded over muslin.  It made for a nice weight that hopefully will hold up better than the last ones I made which got pretty wrinkly and shifty over time.

Anyway, the straps are two pieces of voile pieced together, then folded and shifted over.  I then zig-zag the raw edges, shape them with scissors, and make a little casing for elastic.  Pretty easy.


I love the coral peeking out from underneath the print.


I added a couple of paper-thin white buttons that were begging to be used for a sweet dress like this.


 And a big vintage coral button to close the back.


So there you have it.  One KCW project down.  I’ve got a couple of pairs of shorts on my list, but Summertime has been CRAY-to-the-Z around here, we’ll see if I can get around to it.  Oh, and they won’t be made with voile.


Not that this face would mind.



p.s. WordPress just wished our blog a Happy 3 year Anniversary… Thank You wordpress.  And Thank You lovely readers for visiting, and all you awesome sewing peeps out there for making it fun.  :::The Hungie Gungie girls blow you kisses::: #MWA!  #sorrylasthashtag

30 thoughts on “#allvoileallthetime

  1. Lovelovelove! (The auto correct changed that to lovelice — what the?). Such a sweet and summer-perfect dress! And Coco! That girl is going to be a heartbreaker, absolute.

  2. My order of voile was sitting on my doorstep today! I’m just making scarves- I’m not nearly as skilled as you!

  3. this is just gorgeous! those colors make me so happy. and the voile looks so soft and luscious! not to mention coco, of course…what a doll!

  4. Happy three year! This is becoming your signature dress – and voile your signature fabric! Haha. It is basically the best kid garment fabric ever though, so carry on.


  5. this is fantastic! Love all the colors, and it looks soo soft. I wish I could get away with wearing a dress like that….so comfy!

  6. Beautiful dress! I love the double-layered flutter sleeves, definitely something I would want to try. The colours work beautifully together and your daughter is such a cutie!

  7. I would LOVE a pattern on this dress! I attempted one last night and while it turned out okay, I’m too much of a beginner to “make” my own pattern. I just love the flowy casual look, plus it makes my little girls (and yours) look so adorable!

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