KCW summer 2013: Op style shorts

How was your Kids Clothes Week?  Or, as I like to call it- Neglect-Your-Household-Week.  Phew, this place is a disaster!

I actually did work on making clothing all week, but first project a wash, so it got scrapped.  Thankfully my week was redeemed when the vision in my head came to fruition.  Op shorts!

Dana’s pattern goes So. Cal in this version which I designed after the classic Ocean Pacific corduroy shorts.

1-sewing July2013 045

I used the 4-year-old girl size, flat front, and racer short hemline.  I simply extended the pocket all the way to the hem, and we are right back in 1985.

4-sewing July2013 056

The cotton I used was a nice weight for these shorts- probably cotton twill?  Its been in my stash for a while.  Purchased at Les Fab.  I’d love to actually try these with some corduroy.  I made a freezer paper stenciled shirt to go with!

I’ve been singing, “I want my, I want my, I want my MTV” for days now!

6-sewing July2013 069

I am so happy to have this pattern to work from.  A good pattern makes sewing fun!  Dana’s corresponding tutorials are really helpful.  I love that she doesn’t assume how much we know about sewing.  She takes her time to explain each step. A beginner can do this!

2-sewing July2013 046

Avery is trying to show you that I actually did line the pockets with a pretty butterfly fabric.  I could have exaggerated it on the seams.  You can’t really tell from the front.  This is how my pockets looked before I placed them:

1-sewing July2013 014

I will say that the racer short hemline was a little too short for this project.  I only ended up folding my hem under once.  Also, bringing the pocket down to the bottom will make the hem a lot bulkier.

3-sewing July2013 055

I tried to keep the photo shoot going by handing Avery some props.

“Sweet wallet.  Is this vintage?”

1-sewing July2013 072

“What, no money?”

7-sewing July2013 073

“I don’t work for free, lady.”


1-photo (1)

A bribe is a bribe.

Enjoy catching up on your housework!

~ Caroline

10 thoughts on “KCW summer 2013: Op style shorts

  1. Okay, I’m dying. This is AWESOME. And that second picture of Avery??? She is a beauty. Yeah, Ave….I want my MTV back too. It’s been lame ever since Duff left.

  2. Do they even play videos anymore?! Rad shorts… seriously! I like your contrasting fabric, too. Didn’t OP had shorts in corduroy as well? Yah… we need to bring that back! 😉

  3. You are totally killing me!! I remember those corduroy OP shorts!! I need that pattern!! A couple of days ago I was desperate for play shorts for Nora, so bought some cheap shorts from big box store on clearance. For what they cost (on clearance, no less!), and how little I liked them, and how short they were….I could have bought Dana’s pattern and did some stash busting. Your inspirational post was just a bit too late…gonna buy that pattern anyway… I do still have some hippied-out black floral courderoy needing a purpose in life…maybe 60’s meets 80’s OP shorts for me?? 😉 Thanks!

  4. the photos of Avery smiling and laughing are *gorgeous! wow! i love these shorts! i asked my oldest daughter, indigo if i could make her a pair of shorts and she said, “mom, remember, i’m not a big shorts fan.” (haha!) well, there you have it. i wish it were otherwise. these are awesome. i want a pair for me! 🙂

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