Knit Popover

We’re heading to the beach tomorrow for some Summer fun, and I was determined to finish up another KCW project before we left.  Since Ellery has gotten a lot more persnickety when it comes to the things I make her, I decided change things up by sewing her a knit dress- I knew she’d appreciate the soft and stretchy fabric since she still doesn’t like to wear my “bumpy” (a.k.a. woven cotton) frocks!.

So here you have it!






The pattern is the tried and true (and free!) Oliver + S Popover Sundress sewn in a 5.  I extended the length a few inches, and also cut the pieces wider so I could pleat the front and gather the back so the dress would be flowy.  The main fabric is a repurposed blue jersey maxi of mine (I kept the original hem to save a step), yellow knit from Joann for the binding/straps, and pieced woven cotton scraps for the yoke.


This is such a great little pattern- actually, it was the first dress I’d ever sewn!

I’ll end with a few of my favorite popovers.

First, this one (I swear it would be a fave even if it weren’t made by my sis!), this vintage-y top version from True, Pure, Lovely.  This one by Kristin- I  love love love the fabric she used!  And this fabulous zebra face one from Rachel… so great!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I’ll say hello to the Atlantic ocean for you.


17 thoughts on “Knit Popover

  1. Hi, Erin! This is great idea! I want one for me; And I really liked your other versions, especially made with Gap dress one! I will definitely copy your idea of using shirt for Popover!

  2. wow, erin, i was totally surprised that you mentioned me! thank you!

    i love this! the pieced yoke is amazing! i hope you guys have a great time at the beach! happy weekend!

    1. Rachel- yours is the first that came to mind when I thought about my faves! I love the color combo you used, and of course the freaking awesome zebra faces! -E

  3. I constantly use knits for patterns meant for wovens and I’m a big believer that kids love it more! I love your version of the dress so much. Have fun on your vacay!

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