Another Debbie + A Giveaway

Hello there!

Remember the  Little Debbie dress I made for Corinne earlier this month?  Well, I’m back with another one, this time for my big girl, Ellery.


  This is the Debbie’s Birthday Dress pattern from Suz of Sewpony.

I tested this pattern in the 18 month size, but I was really looking forward to sewing one up for my 5 year old!  I made a size 6 and I think It’s pretty right on.


I love this little pattern.  I really do.

I love how different this version is from Coco’s vintage-y one.


I love that it’s got a sort of Fall-Mod thing going.


But I think what I love most about it, is that it used to be my dress!

A shapeless shift dress that I wore a small handful of times, but has sat in my closet for almost 5 years.


I made a couple of modifications to the pattern: I chose to cut my front piece on the fold to keep the print intact.  Also, since this fabric is very thin, I fully lined it, using the original lining from the old dress.  That’s not hard to figure out at all, the pattern has a bodice lining already… I just extended it all the way the length of the dress.

Suz is offering up a free copy of the pattern to one of you sweet readers!  Just leave me a comment here and I’ll randomly pick a winner next week.


:::Giveaway is open to all and will run until Tuesday at midnight EST.:::

giveaway is now closed!  congrats to Michelle 🙂


27 thoughts on “Another Debbie + A Giveaway

  1. ooh, i love it! it is so satisfying to make clothes for your kids out of your own clothes. it suits the little debbie well!

  2. I think I would make an entire wardrobe full of these for my daughter (lord knows I have the fabric stash for it!)

  3. Love that fabric! I can’t believe you made it from that shift dress! What a great way to make use of something that was being used!

  4. I love the fabric that you used and I think that the simplicity of the pattern allows the fabric to shine. I sew for my niece all the time so I hope I win.

  5. It must be giveaway week…I’m giving away a pattern I tested out also! I’d love to win this pattern by Suz! I love the print on this dress! And that jumping picture just makes me smile!

  6. I’m sort of bummed that you made it out of your old dress, because I can’t get that fabric anywhere. And that fabric is awesome!!

  7. Love the print, love the button, love the dress design! I have some maternity dresses that I no longer require that I could use to upcycle, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. i love this! i thought i had already commented on it, actually! it is so great. i love how simple the lines are, which really showcases the fabric. perfection!

  9. I was hoping you were going to mention the fabric name, then I read “used to be my dress.” Great upcycle! Love the retro, fall-feel of the fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I feel like I already commented on this adorable dress but maybe not! I have this pattern and I love your version! Such a fun print and I love that you used an old dress. So fun!

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