Bimaa in the ‘Hood


I was so happy when Sarah of EmmylouBeeDoo and LouBeeClothing patterns asked if I’d like to join her Bimaa pattern tour.  Maybe you have seen this little pattern showing up around blog-land lately?  It’s a hot one right now!  I’m the last stop on the tour (along with Skirt as Top– no pressure, right?), and I can’t believe all adorable Bimaas that these gals have been putting out.

Sarah’s blog is such a good one and quickly becoming one of my favorites- I LOVE what she sews for her cute daughter… like this Sally dress– so great!  And this September tunic– I bought this pattern as soon as I saw her version.  Plus, Sarah is a New England girl, and grew up a New England girl, so… maybe I’m just drawn to her New Englandy-ness?  🙂

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, check out Sarah’s blog and pattern shop if you know what’s good for you!!!

Now.  Onto my BIMAA!


The Bimaa is a slim-fitting sweater with 3 neckline options: hoodie, shawl collar, and cowl neck.  There is no hemming in this pattern- just sewing a cuff band and waist band, which is quick and pretty fool-proof if you ask me… No folding up, no ironing… I love that I didn’t have to get up from my chair and iron a thing!

I made a 2T for my 18 month old and the fit is perfectly…though if you have any worries about the snug fit, just size up in the width. The only change I made to the pattern was to make a little puff sleeve at the shoulder… Just ’cause I love ’em.  I widened the top curve of the sleeve piece, and added a little length to the top as well- gathered about 2-3 inches at the curve to create the puff, and attached!  Easy.


This is like the 3rd thing I’ve ever sewn in knit, and I am just shocked that I didn’t have any trouble.  I did use my stretch stitch which I never had before, and it went smooth as butter.  I might try my next one on the serger though just for speed.  Sarah recommends using a 4-way stretch knit for this- I used a stretchy white velour, and a thick gray sweater knit (from an old dress of mine) for the hood lining.


 I love sewing hoods, so I decided to make Coco one with kitty ears.  I made this before Sarah’s fabulous Add-Ears-to-a-Bimaa-Hoodie tutorial + template, so I used the instructions and pattern pieces for the Cozy Winter Hood out of the O + S Little Things to Sew book.  Both methods are pretty much the same idea.   I used a pink floral quilting cotton for the inside, and shaped my ears to create a point at the top.  Although I wish they faced the front a bit more, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. When they start to flop, she looks like a little lamb.

A twofer!


Sarah is kind enough to giveaway a Bimaa pattern to one of you readers!  Just leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite Halloween costume was as a child- We’re still undecided here with the costumes this year, so I’d love some ideas.

Giveaway is open to all and will close at midnight on Tuesday 10/22.  Good Luck!


Oh, and if you can’t wait that long to sew one up, you can purchase the pattern (along with Sarah’s other patterns) HERE.

(And be sure to check out my tour buddy, Kristin’s cowl Bimaa too!)


Happy Sewing!


21 thoughts on “Bimaa in the ‘Hood

  1. I love this in the velour – it looks so cozy!
    My mom and my aunt always made coordinating costumes for me and my cousin growing up. My favorite was the year I was a cabbage patch doll…and she was a cabbage. I think she got the short stick that year. ha! Good luck on your costume decision-making!

  2. That Coco is just too squeezable! That first photo is great, with G-man tumbling behind her! Nice work on the hoodie! Can’t wait til the kids fall asleep so I can get to mine!

  3. A-dorable. I just made a pig hood from the Little Things to Sew pattern. My 4yo wants to be Fern from Charlotte’s Web (we just finished reading it) so of course our 18mo is going to be Wilbur! Incidentally, my favorite childhood costume was a pig as well. I made it myself back then too!

  4. So cute! And I love the solid, neutral colors. And those ears are adorable. I didn’t really dress up much as a kid. But the costume I remember most was an insect…think a bee but I’m not positive! My daughter is going to be a butterfly. Better get started on the costume!

  5. Soo cute! I think my first Bimaa will need to have ears on it too! My most memorable Halloween costume was dressing up like a Care Bear. 🙂

  6. aw man, i love yours – those ears are the cutest! no need to enter me in the giveaway, just had to let you know. thanks for being my bimaa tour buddy! 🙂

  7. please enter me to win the Bimaa pattern — my favorite halloween costume as a child was Alfred E. Newman – for my son

  8. Too cute. I would love to make one for my niece. My mom made cheerleading outfits for us when my sister I were little. And pippie long stockings is another memorable costume from when was little.

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