A Little KCW- Bimaa Baby!

Bimaa, Bimaa, Bimaa little baby, my one and only… 

I just had to get in on all of that Bimaa action going around!  There were so many great looks on Sarah’s pattern tour!  This pattern was the first thing I wanted to sew from the wonderful Sew Fab bundle we purchased last week.  I hope you were able to take advantage of that generous offer, but if not, the Bimaa Sweater pattern can be purchased a-la-carte on the Emmyloubeedoo blog.

Fearing that KCW week will be consumed by Halloween costuming, which it will, I prepped a little Fall outfit for Avery over the weekend.  It’s not all about you, Darth Maul!

1-Avery's birthday Oct 2013 076

A Bimaa cowl in a bright red knit, and a quick-to-sew circle skirt made out of a very lightweight printed denim.  Sorry I did not get any specifics on the fabric, both purchased at our local store, Les Fabriques.

Avery was suspicious of the cowl neck at first, and required a few extra candy corns before she’d try it on.  But once her dad began calling it  “the bacon catcher”, she decided she liked it!

3-Avery's birthday Oct 2013 083

My elusive model is a tough one to shoot these days!  I had to sneak up on her playing at Erin’s house this morning!

3-Avery's birthday Oct 2013 090

Gotta love how that skirt bounces and twirls.

2-Avery's birthday Oct 2013 080

Hope you have a productive week my friends!


6 thoughts on “A Little KCW- Bimaa Baby!

  1. I want a cowl shirt like that. Too cool. How does one pronounce Bimaa? Also, how did you sew seams? Do you lovely hungie gungie sisters serge? Also, why have I never made a circle skirt for my girls? Any suggested patterns to try? So many questions so little time….way too late for me to be up…:)

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