Modern Folksy Bunny + a giveaway

When Virginia of the Gingercake blog + shop emailed to see if we’d be interested in sewing one of her patterns for her Holiday Gifts Sewing Series, it immediately conjured up memories.  Every Christmas, my mother tied wide red velvet ribbons around a few stuffed animals and set them in little wooden chairs on either side of our fireplace.  They only appeared at Christmastime which made them seem extra special, and my favorite one was a small white puma.

I just loved it and every time the boxes ‘o decorations made their way from the attic down to the first floor, I would find it buried somewhere and call it my own- If only for the month of December.

Gingercake Gifts Series

So, when thinking about which pattern in Virginia’s shop that I’d like to sew up, I kept coming back to the Modern Folksy Bunny.  It reminded me of those sweet little stuffed animals that my Mom put out, and something I thought my own children would love to see re-appear at every holiday season…

So this little guy is staying in the family.


I wonder who will call dibs?

The girl with the matching pants, of course!


Corinne was pretty taken with this bunny.  She looked at it for a while, but then began to pick at the button eyes and the floppy bow.  She hugged it tightly, threw it on the ground, picked it up, put it in her shopping cart and rolled it around the kitchen… you get the idea.


(This would be the second bunny I made- I made an ear-error on the first one, but I may finish it up today and show you that one later this week so stay tuned for that…)

This little bunny takes a nice shape thanks to a couple of well-placed darts and a little boxed corner at the toe.  Nice little details that I never would have thought of on my own.


The body is made of Essex yarn dyed linen in black.  For the ear lining and bow, I used some red tartan that has been burning a hole in my stash for three years.  This might be my new favorite fabric combo, fyi.


  Those bell-bottoms that Coco is wearing, were made for my older girl back when she was a toddler.  sniff sniff.  I found them the other day in a box of Winter clothes and I knew we had to include them in this photo shoot!


My favorite part about making this bunny would have to be that cute pom-pom tail.  It was the first one I’ve ever made and I could seriously get hooked!  I used a basic white yarn and wrapped it around my hand old-school style- though I’ve heard there are pom-pom makers out there.


Would you like to make your own folksy bunny?  Virginia has kindly offered up one Bunny pattern for one of you cool readers.

 Leave me a comment below!

Giveaway will end on Sunday 11/17 at 9 pm and a winner will be chosen at random.


Be sure to check out all the other great PDF patterns in Virginia’s shop– tons of cute stuff there perfect for a handmade gift!

Happy (Holiday) Sewing!


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… hittin’ the big time y’all.

31 thoughts on “Modern Folksy Bunny + a giveaway

  1. Corrine is ah-dah-ra-bal! Love the bunny pattern and your fabric combo which makes it a definite – for Christmastime only friend! Is that Puma around still? Pei has a little white tiger from childhood that always reminds me of Your Puma!

  2. Oh, Erin, this little guy is cuuuute! (as said in the voice of rudolph…she said i’m cuuuute) since I know you dig that Christmas special, and this post has me in the Christmas spirit already. That fabric combo is perfect, and I love those Christmas traditions…items that only make their appearances very special times of the year We’re making memories here!

  3. I love the idea of creating a new spin on an old tradition. I’m also totally in awe of your mom.

    (Mary Ellen’s friend from college, who vaguely remembers all of you from the wedding stuff but mostly from the baby shower where, I think Caroline, managed to leave a lifelime impression on me from her gift to Mel.)

    1. Oh Kate, I am so sorry to have done that to you! Let it be known that I have successfully nursed two babies since then with no great trouble! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. That is a darling pattern and the bunny you created was just beautiful! I love the plaid. Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  5. Love your take on Modern Folksy’s bunny pattern – I’d love to make one for my family this Christmas too. And your girl is just the cutest!

  6. Thinking I need a lovey-stuffy pattern to make for my girls for Christmas. You have me in the mood! Maybe I’ll make some plaid pants instead, cause those rock!

  7. I definitely need to add a bunny to the large collection of handmade softies I’m gifting my daughter for the holidays.

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