Meet “Sergei”

My new serger!

6-sweater dress nov2013 081

I’m sorry, I’m just cracking myself up at the thought of naming it Sergei, like he’s a sexy Russian figure skater (Wait, is that one big oxymoron?).  Sergei. Whatever I call this bad boy, we are about to have a good, long, rollercoaster of a relationship I’m sure.

I actually thought I was getting a serger for my last birthday, 1 year ago.  The day before my birthday last year, my husband told me not to give him a hard time about spending too much money on me, blah blah blah.  To his credit, he is a VERY thoughtful and thorough gift giver.  I figured he’d called my mom or Erin for ideas, and they’d told him about the machine.  Wrong.

As I lay in bed, just about at my due date, eating breakfast with Jet and Avery (which was my only birthday request that year, besides wishing for a healthy baby), Pei goes off to get my real gift.  He mutters, “You probably already know what it is.”

I mutter, “Is is a Serger?”

“A what,” he says?

Nope.  It was a 47 inch flat screen TV!

“Wow, thanks honey.”

I’ll leave the story alone at that.

This year, with a little help from my birdies (thanks Mom and Erin), Pei nailed it!  Yay, I am finally one of the cool kids.  I’ve spent the last week getting to know Sergei, and just running it on the factory settings with those colorful threads.  I grabbed a few knits from the to-be-upcycled stash, and played.

I wanted to see if I could make a Flashback Tee entirely on the serger.

7-sweater dress nov2013 088

Did it.  This very Bert and Ernie shirt was made from an old baby blanket that I had for Jet.  Yes, I do know my sleeve stripes should be horizontal, just didn’t have enough fabric.  Once, I felt slightly confident with things, I pulled out this too-small sweater, and decided to hack it up.

1-sweater dress nov2013 009

I turned it into a sweater dress for Avery.  It is basically just the Flashback pattern elongated, making use of the hems that were already in place.

2-sweater dress nov2013 043

The little bow, a barrette, is working to strategically hold that collar down.  I’ll put a few more stitches in after she goes to bed, but I think she will make sure that the bow is here to stay.

3-sweater dress nov2013 054

Avery’s little Wonder Woman boots are by Kenneth Cole Reaction.  My M-I-L just couldn’t help herself.

Since it’s always fun to see how these photo shoots really go, here are a few more shots…

4-sweater dress nov2013 055

That collar was tricky.  I wanted to fancy the look up a bit by tacking on a gold-ish knit fabric that was sort of hard to manage.  I attached it with the regular sewing machine.

8-sweater dress nov2013 056

Still workin it, but losing steam.

9-sweater dress nov2013 061

“Mind if I sit?”

5-sweater dress nov2013 063

“Ugh.  Now can we play my game?”

Okay, okay.

sweater dress nov2013 077

This girl is a piece of work!

I’m defintely excited for my future with Sergei!  If you are considering buying a serger, its time.  Knits are where it’s at!  Especially if you want your children to wear what you make for them.  Thanks for visiting!

Enjoy your weekend!


17 thoughts on “Meet “Sergei”

  1. Hey! What fun! Dress is so cute and stylish on Avery! My mom once told me, “I almost bought you a brand new serger in its box for $25 (she was yard sale shopping), but didn’t think you’d want it.” It is the only time I think I wished mom would shop for me at yard sales. BooHoo. 😦 Can’t wait to see what you and Sergei whip up together!

  2. Haha, you are so funny! What a clever name!! 🙂 Yay! Glad you finally got your serger! My serger had been sitting in the box for over a year and I finally took it out a few weeks ago to experiment and I absolutely love it too! But I haven’t named it yet… maybe I should??!! 🙂

    Love the two flashbacks you made. And love that you sewed the entire piece with a serger. I still haven’t tried that yet – I’m a little scared! I’ve only serged off the seams after sewing with the regular machine. The collar looks great too! And Avery is so cute in all those photos! 🙂

  3. Love it. How cool is making something from start to finish with just your serger (or overlocker as they are called over here!). Love the last shot of avery!! what DOES she have on her lips?!!

  4. congrats on your serger! yay! and wow, your knits look fantastic! and avery is gorgeous! i have that same serger and love it for finishing wovens, particularly gathered seams that are otherwise so messy with so many threads. i haven’t used it much for knits – i had a few fails that scared me off! and ha! my husband and i had a similar flat screen incident. he bought one that was h u g e for our bedroom. TA-DA!!! i don’t even really watch tv. he said it looked smaller on the tall wide tv store walls. haha. 🙂

    1. Hilarious Rachel! I guess the men will have their TVs and we will have our machines. It was your ringing endorsment of your Brother serger that convinced me it was time. Looking forward to some professional finishes!

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