The 12 days of Christmas

2013-11-Christmas Card Photos2-002

Hey all!

I’m guest posting today over at Craftstorming for the 12 days of Christmas sewing series.  Laura and Suz (of Sewpony) have gotten a great group of sewing bloggers together to talk about Christmas traditions and favorite memories… and of course some holiday sewing for the kiddos.

Hop on over to Craftstorming check out my crew decked out in their ‘Christmas Casual’ duds!


Oh, and Grant has a message for you about fruitcake.


11 thoughts on “The 12 days of Christmas

  1. what a lovely post, erin! I loved reading about your favorite Christmas traditions. we recently watched Home Alone, too and it’s so funny. Last weekend we watched Home Alone : New York and it was really good for a sequel. It’s fun to be at a point in parenting where I can watch a movie with my kids that I enjoy, too. 🙂
    i loved your creations so much – all of them. wow, the pom-poms were the perfect touch. they were all so great!

    1. Rachel, you’re always so sweet! Thanks so much. The pom-poms are kind of a cheap thrill… Ellery really loved them! I have no idea what will happen when the top goes in the wash- I did add an extra inch to it in case I need to cut off the hem and start over. 😉 -E

  2. Haha I grew up in Nj and can I just say holy cow Entemann’s is soooo good!! The rest of the world doesn’t know what it is missing!! I haven’t bothered making fancy holiday attire either, our tradition is to stay in pajamas all day long 🙂 I love your cute casual attire!

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