KCW day two: parsley pants for the boy

The great thing about KCW (for me anyway) is that it inspires me to finish a project that I either threw aside in a fit of frustration, or that needs some more attention or tweaking.  Take these parsley pants for example.


I made them two weeks ago, and Grant wore them once, but complained that the waist was too tight, and that they were too long.  He was on the verge of rejecting them forever… and almost about to give me this gnarly look if I didn’t do something about it:


So I spent about 30 minutes yesterday opening up some seams and adjusting the elastic length to make them a bit roomier.

And I fixed the hem by bringing them up about 3/4″.


And now he’s happy about wearing them.  And it makes me happy to make stuff for him- he’s always really sweet about it and appreciative.  He’s a gem.


How I obtained that fabric is sort of a funny story… I had seen 2 posts by sewing extraordinaire Sanae. This great tunic, and these adorable baby shoes– both made in the same ticking fabric.  Then about a week later, my friend Ann called me and asked if I wanted any blue ticking fabric.  She had some from a home décor project and had some leftover.  I remembered Sanae’s posts and decided that she made it cool, so of course I said sure!

So Ann dropped it off one day.


I was like, “Ann, did you forget to recover your SOFA??”

An entire roll of blue ticking fabric sits next to my sewing table.

Anyone want some free fabric?  No, really… anyone?

Leave your yardage requests in the comments.  I’ll have it shipped out faster than it would take to wait in the cutting line at Joann’s on coupon extravaganza day!

**update!  I’ve actually had some interest in this fabric (including a local friend who I’ve promised some to as well)…  glad to unload it on you guys so we can deck our kids out in some home dec! haha…  thanks gals for participating in my sorta-giveaway!**



19 thoughts on “KCW day two: parsley pants for the boy

  1. Awesome pants! I love how you did the knee pads with the lines going the opposite direction. Definitely worth the extra effort. I seriously hate having to undo a finished project to fix it. most times those project go into the “i dont want to look at it pile” that eventually get tossed. I’m not sewing for KCW this round, maybe I should, and I could tackle that pile.

    I would love some ticking fabric to make my little guy a similar pair of pants 🙂 one yard would be plenty. Craftingzuzzy@gmail.com

  2. I love that you posted about a “fix”, that’s reality 😉 I would love 1.5 yrds, I could make my two little girls a pair of shorts or pants, it’s ok if you were kidding ❤

      1. I think I made it in the “cutoff”. I have a thank you gift (fabric :), when you email me I need your address too! You inspired me with your AMH popover dress. Do you have a Flickr group/or do you Instagram? Lets follow each other if so!?! Ps. Your kids are cuties

  3. Hello. I love the pants they look adorable. I recently bought that pattern for my nephew and made him some superman pants. I would love some of your fabric. I would like 1 3/4 If that’s cool with you. batresyohana@yahoo.com

  4. I read the first comment as “I would love to live in England” and it made me think you had announced somewhere in this post you were moving to England. Ha. Annnywaaay…love these. He is so cute…I wish we could do playdates with our kids. Our boys sound alike. My mother-in-law just gave me a ton of ticking, and I had no idea what to do with it. Now I’m all inspired. Also, how do you feel about the Parsley pattern? Do you suggest it…has it been one of those staple patterns for you?

    1. Hey Monica! I LOVE the parsley pattern. I’ve only used it for boy pants, but I think they’d look great on the girlies too. It’s only one pattern piece, so there are no side seams, and it sews up pretty fast. The legs are slightly wide-leg towards the bottom, but it’s sort of slim looking at the top which I really like. Good for little ones who don’t want to fiddle with a zipper too!

  5. LOL, I have YARDS of that same fabric too! I bought a remnant bolt at a thrift store once upon a time. I used it to cover my ironing board, but was totally clueless as to what to do with it next… Until now. Never thought to turn it into clothes! So cute!!! The parsley pants look great!

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