kcw day five: flashback dress

 There are plenty of times (like weeks at a time) that I don’t feel inspired to make anything, or my kids don’t need anything, or I just have no creative juices.  But I’m feeling super-charged this week and I think it’s because I’m conquering my fears about sewing with knits.  And it’s mostly because I have too- since it’s all my kids want to wear.

Caroline commented on my flashback tee for Coco the other day, “Congratulations, you are now a Flashback addict.”

Yup.  I am.


I made this late at night, and could’ve been way more precise about sewing it all, but I wasn’t.  Basically, I cut the shirt off a couple of inches under the arm pit and added a nice big gathered rectangle (I stitched that to the bodice by using zigzag stitch and then I serged it). There is some definite wonkiness (at the gathered seam, and the hem), but Ell loves it!

(a-hem.  This photo shoot was a DOOZY.)


This rib knit was pretty stretchy and even though I cut a size 5 for my kid, it really started to stretch out by the time she got home from school when I snapped these pictures.  The gray baby rib is from Joann and it’s awesome- great stretch recovery (like all my new lingo?).  It’s great for necklines and cuffs.


The coral floral (hehe) fabric is from fabric.com, but I can’t seem to find it there anymore.  I got it for $3.49/yard and I am willing to take my chances on cheap knit from an online store.  I am not one of those “have to see it/feel it in the store” type of people.  There is excitement in a little risky fabric shopping!  I did make sure it was mostly cotton, with a little lycra, and I think that’s a good little rule to go buy when buying for basic shirts/dresses.


Girl is growing like a weed.  Those high-waters and worn-out knees are being taken care of tomorrow, fyi.

Stayed tuned.


11 thoughts on “kcw day five: flashback dress

  1. Oh, this is fantastic!! I love the print, and how can you go wrong at that price. I am going to have to get braver in my online knit shopping, because…well….there’s not much of a choice. I think understanding fiber contents (or whatever, I feel like I’m making this stuff up) would help. Back to this dress…there’s something about that gray bands that I just love. Keep up the sewing…

  2. I really love the print and how this dress turned out! I’ve made a couple similar “hack the FBST off under the armpit and add a gathered skirt” type dresses (well…nightgowns) for Em and they’re her faves. So comfy to wear. Keep it up! Supercharge!

  3. So. Adorable.!!! That print is perfect. Ha, I have a bunch a cheap knits sitting in my fabric.com shopping cart right now 🙂 I keep talking myself in and out of spending more money on fabric… I have a large stash, just no knits! To buy… Not to buy…

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