KCW: The End

Like I said the other day, I’m feeling super-charged this week.  Kind of like Jessie Spano on the Saved by the Bell when she was on speed for 72 hours straight… (“I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I’m… so…. scared!”)

Only, I’m not high on speed.

I’m high on knits.

(and if you know the episode I’m talking about, let’s be best friends.)


So, I’m back with a couple of outfits for the kid who needs them the most.  Ellery is growing out of pretty much everything.

Above is yet another Flashback tee.  Yup, still addicted.  I modified it to be A-line, and also cut it about 3-4 inches longer.



The Geranium hijacked the Flashback.


I used the ruffle sleeve pattern piece from my beloved Geranium pattern (zigzag’d the edges with gold thread) and basted it to the curve at the top of the sleeve, and then continued on as usual.  The fabric is Cotton Couture in Cinnamon and it’s really a neat neutral, but still interesting, color.  I like the contrast of it with the eggplant jersey (from Joann) and the greige (grey-beige y’all)sleeves- repurposed from a top of my own.

The leggings are made with the same brushed knit I showed you the other day.  They are so cozy. I’ve been calling them her Polar Vortex leggings.  Oh, and in true Ellery style, she slept in them last night- which is always a good sign, right?

I used the Oliver + S Playtime Leggings digital pattern, and I’m in love!


Now.  Do yourself a favor: buy this pattern.

(It’s now being offered as an individual pattern, so you gotta check it out!)


I cut a size 6 for Ellery, and I would say they are a pretty perfect fit, though I’m not sure it’s the perfect legging fabric.  It didn’t seem to bounce back quite as well as I’d like, but still totally wearable (and sleep-able!).  And hey, if these end up as pajama bottoms…it’s okay because I’ll probably be spooning her whenever she wears them.

Moving on to outfit number 2.

Remember the other day how I said I’d be taking care of Ellery’s high-water leggings with the worn-out knees?

I think these are a pretty great solution.  What do you think?


Things really started clicking as this pair came together.  Great stretchy fabric, not to thin. And concise, straightforward directions that Oliver + S fans have always raved about.  Sewing is fun.  Sewing leggings is the most fun.

Oh, and can I mention how FAST they are to sew?  I started this pair at 2:15 one day (I distinctly remember looking at the clock) and by 2:35 when I walked down the driveway to get Ellery off the bus, all I had left to do was pull the elastic through the casing and sew it shut.  Boom.  Leggings.

With heart knee patches!

Here’s a quick look at my patch placement in case you’re interested:


(My heart patch is about 3″ wide at the widest part, and about 3 1/2″ long.  The point is about 7 3/4″ up from the bottom edge, and about 1 1/2″ to the left of that edge on the right.  I fiddled around with an old pair of my daughters leggings to get an idea of where they should go, but maybe this could be helpful if you’re making a size 6 as well. note: I cut my pattern a tad longer – maybe 3/8″, though I think it’s plenty long as it is.)


The knee patches are 2 layers of red cotton knit just stuck on there and top-stitched.  We have thrown out several pairs of fairly new pairs of store-bought leggings (I’m talking to you, Old Navy) because of holes in the knees.  Just thin fabric I guess.  Or maybe she plays too hard.


For the tee, “I took a little help from the store”, (as Rachael Ray would say with her pre-shredded carrots) and bought one from Target.  I then thought of a fun V-day saying, then I googled it to see if I was clever enough to have invented it (no, I’m not), and freezer paper stenctiled away with some gold, red, and black fabric paint.


I printed the I’M WITH on my computer and traced it, but tried my best to free-hand the Cupid and arrow.


Oh, hey! Cupid’s awake!


I think the only way for me to participate in KCW (and what I did this time around) is to plan ahead, cut out fabric, set aside patterns in the days before, so all I have to do is sew.  It’s just too much of a disorganized mess if I go between cutting to sewing to cleaning up… etc.

I hope you all had fun sewing along for KCW, and if you didn’t, well… there’s always the Springtime!


**Oliver + S kindly supplied me with the Playtime Leggings pattern.  Several patterns are not being offered as single PDFs.  You can check them out in their shop!**

25 thoughts on “KCW: The End

  1. all these pieces are super cute, but the heart patch leggings are my favorite! my kids also wear out knees like nobody’s business… great idea!

  2. Haha! Jesse Spano on speed! You totally just made my day.

    And I do KCW the same way – planning and tracing and cutting just cuts into my sewing time too much to leave it to this very special week in which I’m allowed to be a little obsessed with my sewing machine.

  3. Love the “I’m with Cupid” shirt and the heart patch leggings! Awesome. Definitely know that episode…..how else was she supposed to sing with the Hot Sundaes? 😉

  4. You did pretty much a great job this KCW, Erin! Now I need to add some heart patches on the knees of my daughter’s leegings (Old Navy!). And love the handwritten “cupid” and arrow!

  5. Hello. I love both outfits they look super adorable and comfortable. I might just have to buy that leggings pattern and make a few pairs for my niece. Oh and by the way I didn’t even finish reading your first sentence before I knew exactly what episode of Saved by the Bell you were talking about. I am both sad and old. Haha.

  6. Nice Jessie Spano reference. Damn we watched a lot of Saved by the Bell. Cause it was always on. I don’t have to tell you how great I think all of this is. And I am going to copycat that Cupid shirt pronto!

  7. i not only know that episode, but i can remember that scene (and that quote!) vividly! girl, you are rockin it this week. on fire! i love it all. the leggings are my fav! <3<3<3 but it's all so, so awesome. and the eggplant and cinnamon together is inspired!

  8. Jessie Spano! Haaaaaaa! You crack me up. I adore these leggings. I’ve been scared to sew up some leggings for the girls, but you make it look so easy! I’m off to buy the pattern now!

  9. I love the colours that you chose for your geranium/flashback hybrid shirt! And the floral leggings! Such a great pairing. I could also use some of those red heart knee patches on my daughter’s store-bought leggings… Both of the outfits are beautiful!

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