geranium in washi + gold

First, I just want to thank you guys for your kind and thoughtful comments on our last post.  Caroline and I both felt the love!  You guys are the best.  Wes has responded really well to chemo so far, and it was a pleasure to get to see him this morning in his own house, being silly and adorable.   A few weeks ago, I threw all sewing stuff to the wind.  I couldn’t really do anything but think about my sweet nephew and how I could help my sis.  But, sewing is therapeutic, and it felt nice to pick up some fabric and make something out of it.  So, while I had some time on my hands yesterday (thank god for children who still nap!), I decided to finish up this little outfit that I’ve had cut out for some time.

This fabric has certainly seen its heyday- Rae made it iconic with her original Washi dress… But I’ve been sitting on a yard of it for almost 2 years.  So, while you sewing blog readers are probably sick of seeing it, well…. sorry!  But, I think it’s the perfect kid fabric with it’s vibrant colors.



Nothing is easier than using a pattern you know well.  The Geranium is tried and true.  This version is the tunic length, with ruffle sleeves.  I usually use gold thread to finish the zigzag edge because I’m all for a little understated bling.


The bubble bloomers are self-drafted.  I’ve been working on perfecting the fit, and I’m almost there.  I think they are a nice staple to have in a toddler wardrobe.  And when you make them out of cotton couture,  well… they are almost luxurious.  Rich in color, soft and they almost have a sheen to them.


This set is not for my darling dear Coco.  Instead, I enlisted her modeling help (in exchange for 2 Cadbury mini eggs… ’tis the season!), and then packed these up to be shipped to a little friend up north today.


Yesterday it was in the 70’s here.  I hope you are experiencing some signs of Spring wherever you are!


12 thoughts on “geranium in washi + gold

  1. First, I am so relieved to hear Wes’ chemo treatments are going well.

    And, yes, I completely agree that sewing is //great// therapy! 🙂

    i love this combo. i’m a sucker for gold so i’d say this outfit is pretty perfect! Just lovely.

  2. What a lucky friend to get such a great gift. The volume of the bloomers is perfect with the tunic. Granted, I am a sucker for bloomers.

  3. Glad to hear Wes is handling the chemo well…I still so floored by it, so I can’t imagine how you have been feeling. Not to mention your sister. Sewing is therapy, I think, and this is gorgeous on your little Coco!!! Maybe you should make a double 🙂

  4. adorable outfit (super sweet gift!), and I dream of days when this is appropriate for our climate (still in the low 20’s here today). So encouraged by the good news about your nephew Wes, and I pray that treatment will continue to go well and your sister (and family) will continue to feel encouraged!

  5. so so glad to hear good news on the Team Wes front, keep that good news coming! and this outfit is adorable – don’t apologize for the washi use! i think we’re all just jealous you still have some to sew with. 😉

  6. I’ve been thinking about how therapeutic sewing is – so glad you had a bit of time and I hope that Caro gets a moment to create too. The outfit is lovely and I love how you both have been so eager to pack fantastic hand made things up for friends. Thinking of you guys always! #TeamWes

  7. This is so cute! I know the special recipient will just go nuts when it arrives!
    Thank you to everyone for being there for us as we keep on the trail to wellness. Wes is doing so great. I definitely yearn for a creative outlet. I bet I will pop in once in a while with something to share!

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