KCW: hide and seek tunic

Hold up.

Before reading this post, you need to open another tab and play this song because I had it playing in my head on repeat for three days while making this top.  By the end of those three days I was singing this one… which will just make you f-ing crazy.

Still, I gotta take inspiration where I get it, and the dress on the cover of this pattern had me thinking about kaftans and boho Krishna-types, and then reminded me of an old top of mine, which reminded me how much I love to upcycle stuff, and you get it….

so here we are.

This lovely pattern is the Hide and Seek dress + tunic.  One of three newly released ones from Oliver + S.


If Oliver + S were to design a pattern just for me (HA.), this would be it.  I love the shape, the looseness of it all, the gathers just at the center front and back panels, the size of the yoke… I really dig it.

This round of Kids Clothes Week has the optional theme, Mini Me.  So, I had fun trying to recreate my old top into something cute for Coco.  The yoke is cut from my former shirt- it’s really neat, with a ton of stitching up and down in black, red, blue, yellow, and mint.  But the white fabric was so thin and gauze-like, and showing some wear.  So I used some lightweight white cotton from the ‘ole stash.

Here’s my former top worn by me a year ago:


(I’m not posing coyly… I’m holding a phone.  Important business call (NOT.) before delicious meal. Thanks for the pic Amanda!)

I finished this tunic yesterday afternoon (no jesse spano this week- I’m sticking to the minimum KCW requirements of sewing one hour a day) and we snuck outside in the evening to capture some photos of Corinne in the late sun.

Oh, how I’ve missed you, magic hour!

I neglected to see that on the sleeve pattern piece there is a cutting line for the tunic version, which is a few inches shorter than what you see here.  I made the top and then was scratching my head, remembering that the tunic option has short sleeves.  I do kind of like the 3/4 length though, but I may end up cutting and re-hemming.  We’ll see.  Decisions, decisions.

The jade buttons were ripped off (literally) of this skirt that I never wore out of the house.  One of those things I could not stand to look at after a while.  What a waste of many hours!

The bloomers (what you can see of them anyway) are self-drafted and one of several pairs I made a couple of months ago and am still playing around with the fit.

 These ones are made from cotton couture in Mist or as my husband would say, Lime Pudding.  I say pistachio.

Coco’s all, “what does the fox say, mama?!”


Hare Krishna y’all.



19 thoughts on “KCW: hide and seek tunic

  1. These photos are the best! Just beautiful! I can’t believe how grown up our little Coco bean is getting!! The top is simply perfection. I love that you salvaged a favorite blouse, tho I will miss that one on you! Cute lime pudding shorts too! Xoxo see you soon sister!

  2. LOVE! I like this little bohemian style, too…so perfect. Lovely golden hour setting, too… Your baby is getting so grown up. Sigh…

    1. I know… Blog photo shoots always seem go along smoother when they can get outside and play before bedtime. And when mommy places m&m’s in random spots on the grass to find!

  3. You and I must be on a similar sewing wavelength because I was plotting something similar to this! So cute! And look at Coco’s luscious lips.
    I’ve been thinking so much of your nephew and praying for your family. Tia had to get a endoscopy and partial colonoscopy today, so it was especially on my heart, thinking of what your sister and nephew are facing. Tia’s results were good – she just has a lot of food allergies now, but I just wanted you all to know you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I also say pistachio 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about the bloomers. Also this top turned out amazing and I think I like the longer sleeves!

    1. Thanks Allie! Yeah, you will need a little bloomer pattern in the future, huh! I think Coco can still get away with them even though they are a teensy babyish on her. 😉 -E

  5. I love the 3/4 sleeves! What a great shirt! And I just saw the boutique skirt you stole the buttons from…one talented mamma!

  6. Haha! I had the same reaction to this pattern! It is like something out of my copy of “Spiritual Midwifery” (photos of pretty hippy women living on “The Farm” circa 1973). Which is to say, I love it!! I love your upcycled version – that embroidered yoke is perfect!!

  7. I really love the sleeves too – it’s all adorable! And you put this song in my head for WEEKS ever since you mentioned it on instagram – just haven’t gotten through all my feeds to come comment until now, haha. Way to repurpose, yo! 😉

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