Anyone out there sewing for Spring Top Sewalong?

I am excited to do some sewing for myself for a change, and hoping that I actually wear the items I plan on making this time.  It’s a problem of mine.

This Ruby top is definitely one I will rotate through the ole wardrobe cycle.  It is comfy to the max!

I used a basic white cotton for the yoke, and a really lightweight blue and white striped cotton from Joann.

I decided to line the yoke because I thought it would yield a more professional looking finish, as opposed to the bias tape.  There is a great series of videos that Rae put together for you to follow if you’d like to do this, and honestly, I recommend you go that route too.  I set my iPad up on my sewing desk and spent a couple nights hanging out with Rae as she walked me through each step.  Easy.


I cut my pattern between the M and L lines, and followed the Large size when it came to length of all pieces.  Next time around I’ll add 1/2″ to all the shoulder seams so it all hangs lower- It’s a teensy bit to high up under my armpits (you can kind of see in that picture)- BUT… this shirt is so comfortable, I will not reject it as I have some other handmade items (a-hem, a-hem)!

 I think the nice thing about sewing for yourself, is that you can fix/tweak those things to custom fit your body.

I’ll also add a full inch to the length next time too- even though I used a 1″ hem as opposed to the suggested 2″.  I’m 5’11” and I’ve never owned a shirt that wasn’t too short!


If you want a pretty easy sew, and a comfy relaxed fit, you should make a Ruby.

I’ve also heard it makes a GREAT maternity shirt!

Ha. Gotcha!  I’m not packing a baby in there….it was a windy day!


26 thoughts on “Ruby

  1. HA! You almost got me (but thanks for the link love, hehe). This looks so perfect on you, it’s adorable. I actually just wore my Ruby top yesterday and loved how it looked now that I’m NOT pregnant; need to throw another one together!

    1. I actually was really on the fence about this pattern… like, it might be sisterwife material? but, I’m so glad I made one- and I am in the midst of #2 with a little modification to hopefully make it more interesting… STAY TUNED.

  2. Oh Erin, you gorgeous thing, you. Just saw this on flickr and had to pop right over. This looks amazing, I love it and you wear it so, so well! I want this in my wardrobe, too.

    1. Oh Monica, you are so sweet! it’s a great little staple top I think- I prefer it with a cardigan as opposed to without, but i’ll see if that changes once it hits 90 degrees here….

  3. I really like how your top came out! Your fabric choices are great. I was on the fence about this pattern too, but after seeing your version I just might need this pattern in my life 😉

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  5. I came on over from Rae’s post. I really like this. I agree about using more basic, simple fabrics when sewing for myself. I’m always drawn to fun, bright fabrics in the store, but then I never wear them in real life. This is the kind of top that isn’t so amazing when it’s sitting on your sewing table, but then when you wear it–it’s perfect.

    1. Thanks so much Megan! I was worried that this would look totally boring on me, but I do think its a great staple piece, and I love it with a cardigan. I like it a lot better than my washi tunic- way more comfortable. -E

  6. Love love love it, Erin! It looks fantastic on you and I’m all about color-blocking these days. And as someone who specializes in making tops that double as maternity wear, I would say this doesn’t look maternity on you at all!

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