Another Ruby

 I’ve worn my first Ruby about 4 times already since I made it.  So I sewed up another… This time however, I decided to take it up a notch.


The fabric is from Joann, and it’s one I always stopped to look at and never bought… Glad I finally did!  It’s quilting cotton (Denyse Schmidt), so it’s not quite as soft and light as my last Ruby.  As for the notch, I should’ve added a little interfacing before sewing that, since after a day of wear it sort of starts to flap on one side, but I like it anyway!

Happy Spring Top Sewalong-ing!


17 thoughts on “Another Ruby

  1. I love it…and the take it up a notch thing killed me. I’m so glad you’re in my (virtual) world. 🙂 I really do love both of these tops. The notch is a great detail. (I also love your necklaces) Let’s never sew for the kids again. Juuuust kidding. Kind of.

  2. Love this one too! The notch detail looks great. I’m a big fan of the Denyse Schmidt line. She has such pretty designs it’s too bad they don’t come in apparel fabrics.

  3. This is amazing…I seriously bought this exact same fabric from Joann about a month ago, and my intention was to sew it up into a Ruby top! 🙂 After making my first Ruby top, I decided it doesn’t look the best on my figure, so I’ll probably use a different pattern for my top. I love yours, though, and it looks great on you!

    1. ya know, the ruby is a tricky one. I currently have no boobs (thanks kids!) which is why I think it’s flattering on me… but, I could see why this wouldn’t work fro everyone. -e

      1. Yes, that’s exactly why it didn’t look great on me! I’m currently a 32G (after 5 kids), and I’m also only 5’2″. So, yeah, not totally flattering on me. 🙂

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