I have been sewing like a crazy person, a.k.a. Jesse Spano, a whole lot this past month.  Like cutting out several projects in one fell swoop, labeling fabrics, staying up late, watching 19 Kids and Counting (OH C’MON… you watch it too)/Intervention (the girl who huffs computer duster. YIKES.)/Inside Amy Schumer, and sewing until my back hurts.  Hey, sometimes you got it and sometimes you don’t.  It’s rare for me to be on a straight-up sewing binge, but currently I am.

(And lest you think all I do is sew and watch trashy TV all night…I don’t.  Though sometimes I accidentally put on Peppa Pig, not realizing that my kids are in BED and ASLEEP… and it’ll just play for like 10 minutes before it occurs to me.  Do you ever do that?  Turn on the old boob tube after the kiddos are down, and immediately hit up Nick Jr? What the?! Anyway, I also enjoy the occasional TED talk or Creative Bug on youtube… I love the meet so-and-so videos.  And sewing in the daytime calls for Pandora.  Moving on.)

One pattern that I’ve been pretty smitten with lately is the Hummingbird dress by rabbit rabbit creations.  I stumbled upon it one night while searching around on Etsy and I bought it right away.  I’ve already sewn several variations, but this one here is a fave.

p.s. that mole in the middle of her back is also my fave. 🙂

I love the fitted bodice and the elastic casing in the back which adds comfort and a casual vibe.  There is the option of adding flutter sleeves to the straps, but I am all for the clean look of this for now.

As for the fit, it’s just perfect.  I sewed a 6 (Ell is a new-ish 6 year old), and it’s right on the money.

(update: there are couple of glitches in this pattern.  first, at the back bodice piece- which is a long rectangle- a 1/2 should be added to the width (not length!) of both the outer and the lining back bodice piece,  because when attaching it to the front bodice at the underarms, it is too short and doesn’t quite match up with the width of the front bodice piece, which then requires you to adjust some things when attaching the skirt to the finished bodice. second, the instructions suggest that you can enclose the gathered skirt piece into the bodice and the bodice lining so there is no raw seam inside… however, this is incredibly hard to do once the elastic is already in the back bodice piece.  I recommend you try attaching the skirt to the bodice and lining first, but leave the sides at the underarms unattached- then thread your elastic in, and finish enclosing the rest of the skirt. I decided to just attach the bodice to the skirt without enclosing and I am more than happy with my result, but I did want to include that in here for you in case you make this dress and want a very professional look inside!)

I’ve been really drawn to color in the last few months… I used to buy a lot of prints, but realized that I tire of them really quickly and they don’t seem to get much play at my sewing machine.

You already know that I’m a cotton couture lover (no really, Michael Miller… where’s my sponsorship?!!).  It’s just the perfect weight, has some sort of sheen to it, and if you look closely and compare it to say, Kona cotton, it seems more tightly woven, which really seems to give it this softness factor.  I used it here in watermelon for the skirt, and in gold for the sweet little straps.  The bodice is a solid voile in coral (lined with cream cotton), I’m sorta/kinda/alotta in love with this combo.

This dress is actually not for my Ellery (Sorry, kid).

  But more on that soon…



34 thoughts on “hummingbird

  1. I CAN’T WAIT to see all your upcoming sewing projects. I have been on a bit of a sewing lull lately…this makes me want to kick it back up a notch. So, so cute. Your color choices are amazing, the photos are gorgeous. Seriously. AND! My youngest has that same little mole!!! How crazy is that?

    1. Oh, funny! Ell has a couple new ones on her back that have appeared recently…I try to inspect her and she’s like, ” leave my moles aloooone!!!!” Ha! Thanks for the sweet comment. You’re always a supportive blog-friend! 😚

  2. All I could think at first was, “a very special episode of Hungie Gungie”. Ha! I also favor junky tv but litter my selection with the bachelorette, Awkward, soon SYTYCDance, river monsters and dirty jobs. Those last two are actually fantastic and the hosts quite witty and charming.

    Love the color combination. Never tried the cotton couture but you’re talking into it.

    1. Ha! Well, I am a secret bachelor/bachelorette junkie- so are my sisters. We like to text each other about how nasty most of the dudes are. I do love SYTYCD too, and dirty jobs, you and my husband can be river monster buddies together- not for me! 🙂

  3. Ellery is looking so grown up, so pretty… like her mama😉 you’ve inspired me to get some more solids- MMiller brand… they should pay you!!! I too will sometimes put the tv on kids stuff (usually PBS), I like American pickers- no negativity and a little funny! Have you considered going to craftsouth to meet AMH and Leisl, I’m trying to get the hubs on board, but it would be a dream come true…

  4. As @lisacrafty says.. You have inspired me also to use more solids! Thanks..
    I also love the way you write, its honest! Found my self agreeing and grinning the whole way through, New Follower here 🙂

  5. Hey Lisa! Thanks for the comment… My husband and I love American Pickers! A definite fave around here. I don’t really know that Craftsoutb is- I’ve heard of it, is it some sort of class? Liesl and Anna Maria- two faves!

  6. That color combination is AMAZING! It’s a skill I definitely need to work on and this dress is crazy inspiring – just lovely!

  7. Oh a straight-up-sewing binge sounds amaaaazing! I can’t wait to see everything you’ve made! That chambray and lace number? Gah! But can we talk about this one!!?!?! That color combo is just fab! You are the queen of making solids fun! Once my fabric fast is over I’ll be restocking with solids for sure 🙂 And this pattern, I must have it as well 🙂

  8. I binged watched all three seasons of Scandal while sewing the last few weeks. It was AWESOME. And I love the colors! I have to get some of this cotton couture. Also Ell’s hair looks so pretty.

  9. Completely LOVE this and may have to be a copy cat and make one for my daughter. I love the colors so much!

  10. tooooootally in love with this fabric combo, and that dress is such a cute design! i’d never heard of them either.

    i listen to music when i sew, but can’t argue with the Duggars as some great TV. 😉

  11. So I love that color blocking combo! I always love that on others and have a hard time knowing if it works when I try it out. Also sewing binges are so fun. I’m on the opposite of one right now and am getting itchy to get back to my machine.

  12. Oh I love this! The strappy back, the solids, the color choices. It’s so pretty! I’m turning into a solid fan these days too. Haven’t tried cotton couture though so I’ll have to check that out

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