OPEN 24/7.


 On a bit of a whim, I opened an etsy shop.  I have always tinkered with the idea, and then at the beginning of the year started making some things, but sort of set it all aside for a while.  A month ago or so, I picked it all back up and just started sewing like a crazy lady.  At the moment my kids really don’t need any more clothes, so it was fun to focus on producing things for others.  My angle was/is to just make the things I like.  That’s it.  If they sell, then I’ll make more!  Of course, it’s summertime, and you all know I fell in love with this pattern, so I pumped out many of them.  I think they’re perfect summer attire.  I hope my buyers love them.  I am considering making a few pairs of these for the boys out there, and I’m thinking already about items for Fall.

I will mention that part of the reason for opening the shop is to blow through some of my current fabric stash.  I want to sew a lot, but I simply cannot afford to buy all the fabric to just make things for my family.  It just feels excessive when my kiddos have hand-me-downs galore!  I hope that after a few more sales (I’ve already had two- wooohoo!) I can go back to doing what I do best- late night online fabric shopping.

Anyway, hope you’ll check it out!



20 thoughts on “OPEN 24/7.

  1. I am wishing you LOTS of customers! Your pieces are stunning! (And I can´t believe your girls did not claim them for themselves!)

  2. I’m so impressed, Erin! The dresses are all so beautiful. They each deserve a blog post of their own! Your fabric choices are perfection. And you apparently have one heck of a stash! I can’t even choose a favorite. Beautiful!

  3. Great job on your clothes! I bet they will sell crazy-fast! Also that’s why I opened an etsy shop too- gotta have some way to pay for fabric. Though mine is kind of neglected right now bc I’ve been so busy with other things.

    1. Thanks Brooke! I remember you have a shop! I know I’ve been to it before… I am riding this wave, but I’m a little scared once all 3 of my kiddos are home for summer- will I ever get time to sew???!!! ha… I’ve been rocking the late-night and it’s killing my sleep habits. -e

  4. So very exciting! And I love all of these dresses! Enjoy that late night fabric shopping–I’m automatically deleting any fabric sale emails I get so I’m not tempted to buy more fabric!

  5. your dresses are impressiv, they gonna leave your shelf fast! the hummingbird pattern is very nice love it. and your fabric choices… would love to have this fabrics in my stash! wish you all the best with your new shop. it’s gonna be a hit!

  6. This is incredible Erin! I love your pieces and you have always had an eye for pairing fabrics in the most beautiful ways. You will be a smashing success! xxx

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